Vive La Differance a previous post concerning the possible ordination of women as bishops within the Church of England received the following comment from ‘Rachel’ which is reproduced with permission:

“As a woman who is currently seeking to understand and follow the call God has placed on my life, I agree with a lot in your article. I am currently studying theology, and have a growing awareness of how crucial it is that Christians truly engage and grapple with scripture in order to discover God’s will. The church as a whole is in a complete muddle about women in ministry (I worship at a Baptist church, the Church of England isn’t alone in this muddle)
Reading your list of great spiritual influences, not one of them was a women. My question (and it is a genuine one) is how to square the absolute male-centric history of the church, with Jesus of the Gospel accounts who walked and talked with women, even entering into a theological debate with a gentile woman, (Matthew 15:21-28)
The poverty of theological debate leaves us all impoverished.”

This is a serious question which deserves a serious response from the theologically erudite and intellectually accomplished readers of this blog, it would be alright if the rest of us joined in as well.



  1. I wonder if Rachel has read C S Lewis’s book ‘That Hideous Strength’ which is as interesting a study of the traditional view on marriage as can be found. It is perhaps not quite what Rachel had in mind but it is certainly theological in the true sense and might be a platform for further thougths about women in ministry.

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