What most people don’t fully appreciate is that it is jolly hard work being offended. If you want to further your cause and are tempted to go down the route of offence be warned, it requires planning, patience and an underlying passion rarely seen today. 

Homo marriage

The simplest way is to be offended because of your chosen sexuality. If you wish to advance your cause, say the further acceptance of homosexuality, whilst acknowledging that you are pushing at an open door, you have to accept that there is still work to be done. 

Fortunately there is a well worn path to follow. The example to emulate is that of the plucky B&B pioneers. Their route also has the added advantage of the increasing marginalisation of the Christian faith.

First of all comes the research. Christian magazines often carry adverts for B&B establishments. That does narrow the field significantly but it is just the start. The next step is an internet search for those establishments whose website clearly states that they don’t let rooms to unmarried couples. 

The casual B&B user doesn’t appreciate just how difficult that is. The vast majority of B&B’s couldn’t care less who slept with whom in their rooms, as long as they didn’t go “Baa, baa” too loudly in the night. In some rural areas this is not an insurmountable obstacle.

It requires diligent research to find a B&B which would refuse occupancy to practicing homosexuals. You can’t expect to just stumble over them by accident, the chances of that happening are astronomical. You may have to book into hundreds of B&B’s before you manage to find one which will turn you down because of your homosexuality? It is not an easy path you have chosen, but if you persevere you will find the mother lode and finally be offended.

Once you have your target you have to choose the correct season. You don’t want to choose a time of year when they are likely to have vacant rooms. Being turned away on the specious excuse of being full up may have got Mary and Joseph the sympathy vote but they would never have won the court case. Remember, you are after something more important than a room for the weekend.

Having found your target establishment and checked the seasonal occupancy pattern you then have to drive past hundreds if not thousands of other establishments to your target B&B. Once arriving unannounced you then, at last, have the opportunity of being offended.

From then on it is plain sailing. You can immediately contact a well-heeled organisation which exists solely for the purpose of furthering your passion and they will take up your cause. The BBC will portray you as civil rights martyrs, the Guardian will express outrage at this latest manifestation of fascistic homophobia, there are legions of lawyers all too ready to defend your human rights and a myriad of politicians who will support your cause. The whole politically correct establishment will rally to your side.

There will be court cases and television interviews, media calls and messages of support from those who “feel your pain.” All very trying but you can be assured that when it reaches this point you have already won. It is hard work but no doubt the diligent offence seeker will feel that it is worth it in the end.

That is how it has worked in the recent past and there is no reason to suppose it will not work today. When it becomes the law, as it will, that homosexuals are allowed to be married in churches we can be sure that some vaguely religious establishments will allow it.

Even in those denominations which refuse to sanction homosexual marriage some individual ministers will throw over the traces. Given the inability of mainstream denominations to discipline their ministers for even the most appalling heresies they will be perfectly safe. There is little likelihood that the minister will become a martyr, but they will get what amounts to second prize for the progressive Christians, recognition as a civil rights pioneer.

Being allowed to be married in only some religious establishments will not satisfy the eager to be offended. It is a virtual certainty that some homosexual couple will search out a congregation where the minister refuses to carry out homosexual weddings.

They will ask, they will be refused, the whole circus will start all over again. It will go to court, if the court finds for the church there will be appeals, eventually the European Court for Human Rights will intervene and we have a pretty good idea of how they will decide. What will happen when the minister refuses to pay a fine?

David Cameron states categorically that in any forthcoming legislation there will be provisions for those churches who refuse to marry homosexuals. But then Cameron is the politician who gave the British people a “cast iron promise” on a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and we know how reliable that promise was. A bit of window dressing in the form of a few insignificant changes to the Treaty, a new name for it and Cameron smiled it through. 

David CameronMerely Posh
David Cameron
Merely Posh

David Cameron may come from a wealthy, privileged background, he may have gone to Eton, know the right people and be distantly related to the Queen, but he is not a gentleman. You can trust the word of a gentleman. Nadine Dories is right, Cameron is merely “an arrogant posh boy.”

Cameron claims to be “passionate” about homosexual marriage. He should realise that there are others who share his viewpoint, and they are willing to push the limits at every opportunity. That may mean the shattering of the church, but for them that is a small price to pay, you see they too are passionate about the acceptance of homosexuality.



  1. I really appreciate your speaking truth. My husband and I recently left the Church of Scotland over this issue. Very sad indeed, but when the biblical truths are thrown out, it’s only a matter of time until these things happen. We are Americans, and see the same thing happening here. Bless you!! We enjoy your posts.

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