There are a number of headlines such as “Islamists Offended – Remain Calm” which you would never dream of reading. How could one write a serious headline about an article alleging the BBC has a bias against homosexuality?

There can be few more willing to point out the follies of the BBC than A Grain of Sand. However, Dr Brett Mills of the University of East Anglia (where else) has gone further than even we would have dreamed possible.

Previously Dr Mills, a senior lecturer in the School of Film, Television and Media Studies, has criticised the makers of television wildlife documentaries for invading the animals’ right to privacy. David Attenborough clearly has no right to film bears in their hibernating state without previously having gained written permission, from the bears.

When you picked up the current copy of the European Journal of Cultural Studies you would have read Dr Mills criticising the BBC for not having enough homosexuality in its wildlife programmes. Even worse the BBC are supposedly taking editorial decisions which indoctrinate the populace through its nature documentaries. Bet you never thought that David Attenbourgh chuntering on about the solenodon (a sort of large poisonous hedgehog found in Cuba) was a propagandist for homophobia in the pay of the BBC.

Sir David AttenboroughAnother Homophobe Unmasked
Sir David Attenborough
Another Homophobe Unmasked

Mills suggests that forms of animal behaviour which are commonly missing in nature programming, such as homosexuality and same sex parenting, demonstrate how ideas of sexuality, monogamy and family persist within human debates. By constantly portraying heterosexuality amongst animals the BBC is shaping and enforcing cultural attitudes: “The descriptions of animal behaviour, because of their association with the ‘natural’, play a telling role in the policing of human behaviour.”

Isn’t it obvious that there is rampant homosexuality in the animal kingdom. All those flamingoes in flaming pink standing around in their “I’m a little tea-pot” pose, they are as camp as Julian Clary after too many cocktails.


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