Progressive Christianity, like all forms of syncretism, is a contradiction in terms. Christians worship God, progressives think they are god.

Those who try to be both invariably choose one before the other, and guess which one that is? The one which says that they can do whatever they want, with whomsoever they want, as long as it is within a ‘loving’ context. The progressive concept of ‘loving’ covers activities which even the Old Testament prophets never thought of, but as long as it gets the nod from the editorial board of the Guardian that’s all right.

Progressivism is a religion in its own right. The mere fact that progressives reject God, does not mean that their belief system is not a religion. A tawdry, fundamentalist religion verging on a death cult it is true, but a religion nonetheless. Buddhists follow a religion without a god, as do Shintoists. Buddhists love statues of a rather pudgy bloke with a big smile, but he is not a god, just someone they unreservedly revere as being beyond reproach. Rather similar to the way progressives treat Obama.

Progressive Christians are not just uncomfortable with the God of the Bible, they actually despise Him. This is why they attempt to subject Him to the death of a thousand cuts until all that is left is an image of a jolly nice bloke who would be quite comfortable at a Highgate dinner party or splitting a spliff at the Nottinghill Carnival. What He says in the Bible invariably carries less weight than the latest pronouncement from Friends of the Earth.

stupid environemntalist

Like most fundamentalist religions progressivism is basically Luddite and anti-science at heart. One of the sacred texts of proressivism is Silent Spring (1962) by Rachel Carson. Carson told of bald eagles laying eggs with thin shells and spun a picture of the supposed horrors caused by DDT. This book, amazingly enough still beloved by progressives, led to the banning of DDT (1972). American aid to some third world countries was tied to the DDT ban. With DDT use restricted mosquitoes flourished and approximately 50 million people, mostly African children, died. Progressives really care for birds and bugs, babies in or out of the womb are another matter.

Fortunately in 2006 the World Health Organisation changed its policy and now recommends DDT for indoor use in the fight against malaria. Dr. Anarfi Asamoa-Baah of the WHO explained, ‘The scientific and programmatic evidence clearly supports this reassessment. Indoor residual spraying is useful to quickly reduce the number of infections caused by malaria-carrying mosquitoes. IRS has proven to be just as cost effective as other malaria prevention measures and DDT presents no health risk when used properly.’ It takes a great deal of science to overcome progressive emotionalism.

Christians believe that human kind, made in the image of God, is given responsibility for the continuing development of creation. Progressives believe that we are a part of the world no different from the bugs and the birds.

Creation in Genesis 1 is not a completed and static ideal of perfection which must be regained and preserved for all time. What the Hebrew term tob indicates is not perfection conceived of as an absolutised ideal, but rather ‘suitability for a purpose’. From the beginning creation has been in the process of becoming, and despite the propaganda of Greenpeace etc. it still is.


If progressives actually believed that the wellbeing of humanity was a worthy aim they would embrace and encourage the industry and technology that have eradicated the diseases, plagues, pestilence, and famines that brought wholesale death and destruction prior to the Industrial Revolution. They would embrace science and technology as the only solution to the relatively slight dangers that now exist—slight compared to the risks of living in a non-technological world.

Their goal is not the advancement of human health, happiness, and life; rather it is a pre-industrial world where the ‘environment’ is worshipped like the totem of some primitive religion. The fundamental goal of progressive environmentalists is not clean air and clean water; rather it is the demolition of technological/industrial civilization. Their image of the summum bonum is a community of bicycle riders who weave their own clothes, light their homes with tallow candles, use compost-able toilets and dine on hand knitted muesli before dying at 36.

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