Sheer sloppy, inaccurate, biased journalism is alive and well, and a Royal Charter will do nothing to stop it.

The Herald today carries a story about the “head of the Church of Scotland” being involved in the production an anti-homosexual video. No, they don’t mean the head of the church who is Jesus Christ. The Herald means Albert Bogle, minister of St Andrew’s Boness and the present Moderator of the General Assembly, a committee which meets for a week in Edinburgh once a year . A Glasgow newspaper may well regard Edinburgh as heaven, but they shouldn’t make it so obvious.

Albert BogleNot Jesus, Just His Servant
Albert Bogle
Not Jesus, Just His Servant

This inaccurate article is a distortion of the facts solely for the sake of scandal. The production of the video had nothing to do with Albert, neither was the video anti-homosexual. In addition some may have cavilled at supposed quotes critical of the Moderator from an unnamed ‘Kirk source.’

Let’s not expect too much in the way of journalistic integrity or accuracy from Brian Donnely, after all he is merely the Senior News Reporter of the Herald.

The egregious faults and crimes of newspapers can be dealt with by law, who can protect us from the daily distortion of truth in the service of headlines and scandal which infects even supposedly ‘responsible’ newspapers such as the Herald?



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