The plan had been to give loyal readers a break from Grain’s rants during Holy Week so that you might focus your minds on more important things. However, “The best laid plans o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley”, especially when they collide with the boneheaded obtuseness of the BBC.

The sole contribution to Good Friday on BBC 1, the Corporation’s main terrestrial channel, was a programme concerning Mary Magdalene presented by Melvyn Bragg. At midday on Good Friday, when Christians are focussing on the death of the one sinless man dying for the sinful Bragg cheerfully presented his arguments that in reality Jesus was shacked up with Mary Magdalene.

The rest of the programme focussed on the Gnostics and the claim that the rest of church history, including the acknowledgement of the canon of Scripture, was an attempt by hard line establishment types to subjugate women. It was easy to get the impression from Lord Bragg that the 2000 year history of the Church revolved around the desire not to be thought 21st century metro-sexuals.

It is no surprise that Bragg gave such prominence to the Gnostics. They were a school of the self-proclaimed intellectual elite who thought they held the keys to knowledge for the rest of us poor plebs. A bit like Bragg and his chums at the BBC.

This was more than the usual ‘aggressive secularist and relativist approach’ common in the British establishment about which Lord Carey writes today. To broadcast this programme at midday on Good Friday was nothing other than calculated contempt. The BBC, our state funded broadcaster, chose this day of all days to stick two fingers up at Christians throughout Britain.



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