Progressive demonisation of any who fail to support their agenda is a commonplace. Unless you sign up to their agenda you are in need of psychiatric intervention to help you with your phobias. As well as despising those opposed to them and labelling them mentally disturbed it becomes increasingly obvious that progressives, despite their supposedly compassionate outlook on life, actually despise the great mass of ordinary folk who have no more pressing concern than going about their daily business.

How Progressives View Ordinary Folk
How Progressives View Ordinary Folk

The initial reaction to the Boston bombing illustrate this. The progressive talking heads initially tried to spin it as a possible domestic terrorist attack. When it became clear that it was yet another jihadist atrocity the progressives altered tack 180 degrees. Suddenly the fear, as illustrated by the repugnant Serota article, was that there would be ravening mobs of uneducated, ignorant, bigoted rednecks rampaging throughout the USA bent on lynching Muslims. 

What actually happened? Not a lot.

The progressive knee jerk reaction is to fear ordinary folk more than terrorists. Merely because the average man or woman in the street does not share the prejudices and preconceptions of the progressive herd he and she are immediately suspect.

Texas is a world of its own, not so much a political entity as a state of mind. It encapsulates just about everything a progressives distrusts; mainly rural, individualists, gun owning, Christian, traditionalist, respectful of the military. To cap it all Texas is the chosen domicile of the much reviled Dubya who, as every progressive knows, is to blame for polarising public opinion about Islam. Yet there are 420,000 Muslims in Texas and in 2011 there were only 6 anti-Muslim hate crimes recorded.

In Britain we find the same progressive distrust of the people they supposedly want to defend. In 2005 Islamic militants exploded bombs on the London underground and buses. As well as the 4 suicide bombers fifty two people going about their daily business without fear were slaughtered by the jihadists. In reaction police, fearful of Islamophobic rampages, were posted outside mosques. Medical staff were instructed to be watchful for expressions of Islamic hatred and report the perpetrators. The state was primed and prepared to pounce on any hint of an anti-Muslim whisper.

What actually happened? Not a lot.

In England and Wales in the year covering the London attack there were 43 religiously aggravated crimes prosecuted, 18 of those were anti-Muslim. Despite the progressive scare-mongering Brits, like Americans, went around on their daily business without giving in to the boiling hatred and xenophobia progressives assume we ordinary folk harbour in our bigoted black hearts. 


What has increased in the UK is the prejudice of anti-Semitism. This is in part, but not only, fed by the anti-Israel stance fashionable amongst progressives today. Figures suggest that anti-Semitism across London is markedly on the rise, a total of 148 incidents were recorded by the Community Security Trust in the first half of 2012, a 48 percent increase when compared to 2011.The CST breakdown of those incidents where the ethnic background of the perpetrators was recorded indicates a totally disproportionate 29% Asian, 13% Arab presence. Who would have thought it?

If there is any prejudice it is the progressive prejudice against ordinary working class white people whom they hold to be hate filled and without moral compass. Progressives hold to an essentially Manichean worldview, in which there are only two sides, the good and the bad. The good can be excused or have a blind eye turned to their wrongdoing, the bad are downright wicked and have no redeeming features. Childish though it is this is a comforting view for those who hold it, it reassures them that they are on the side of the angels.

It should come as no surprise to learn that Calvinists hold to the much more realistic understanding of humankind, total depravity. Not that everyone is utterly depraved and as wicked as they can possibly be, but that we all, even the best of us, are flawed in every aspect of our being. None of us are as good as we can be, or as true as we should be. This leads to a far greater understanding of the frailties of others, even our bitterest opponents, than a progressive can understand. It even holds out hope for progressives.



  1. I was born and raised in a city right outside of Dallas. My very soul is Texan to the core. I was telling my husband, a californian, once that many Texans have a different outlook on who they are than those raised in other states. I am an AMERICAN, make no mistake. However, my identity is first Texan, and everything else comes next. I just published a post last night giving several instances of when the liberal media blamed right-wingers/tea partiers for tragedies before any facts were known. It’s becoming their mantra. What’s funny about it though, is that they continually say things like ‘these types of attacks are usually done by someone with an extreme right-wing viewpoint’, but other than possibly McVeigh, I can’t think of any recently who were actually conservative. Every one of them have been either a Democrat or one with more liberal than conservative views.

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