The intolerant anti-free speech progressives have done it again. Amongst others Keith Vaz, the Labour MP who led a march of thousands of Muslims through Leicester demanding Salman Rushdie’s book ‘The Satanic Verses’ be banned, has requested that Home Secretary, Theresa May, ban outspoken bloggers Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer from entering the country. The Home Secretary, in pursuit of the government’s Unacceptable Behaviour policy, duly complied on the grounds that their presence in the United Kingdom would not be ‘condusive to the public good’. 

Pamela Geller Banned
Pamela Geller

Although both tend towards the shrill in their pronouncements neither Geller nor Spencer has a criminal history in any country. Mrs May’s fiat is final. Geller and Spencer are unable to appeal the decision.

Robert Spencer Banned
Robert Spencer

Meanwhile just last week Mrs May’s Home Office admitted to the UK radical Muslim preacher Muhhamed al-Arefe who advocates wife beating. He argues that a man ‘may use beatings to discipline his wife’ but, old softy that he is, he says, ‘he must beat her lightly’. This caveat may explain why the Home Office feels this is just the kind of foreign visitor this country needs.

Muhhamed al-Arefe Welcomed
Muhhamed al-Arefe

Even main stream Muslims don’t want him here fearing that he will, ‘negatively impact the peaceful co-existence amongst the Muslim community’. Iraqi lecturer Mohammad Al-Hilli said, “The UK Muslim community is disappointed and deeply concerned at the arrival of Mohamad Al-Arefe. For many years, Al-Arefe has delivered lectures and sermons that have inflamed secterian tension amongst Muslims, especially Shia and Sunni. The presence of Al-Arefe in the UK will negatively impact the peaceful co-existence amongst the Muslim community’.

Despite this the Home Office takes the view that he is just another travelling preacher.

Meanwhile British subject Anjem Choudary, mentor of the Woolwich terrorists who murdered Lee Rigby and a man who calls for his followers to milk the welfare system Job Seekers Allowance as ‘Jihad Seekers Allowance’ and mocks hard working Britons as ‘slaves’ is allowed to continue his hate preaching career subsidised by British taxpayers, or slaves, to the tune of £25,000 a year in benefits and a £320,000 house in Leytonstone, East London.

Anjem Choudary Subsidised
Anjem Choudary

Despite being filmed calling for David Cameron and Barack Obama to be killed Thames Valley Police reckon there is not sufficient evidence to pursue a criminal case against him.

Choudray urges his followers to sign up as recruits to the newly-launched Islamic Emergency Defence — which vows to create a network of ‘task forces’ to redress wrongs and mete out instant justice. Ex-Scotland Yard Commander and terrorism expert John O’Connor said: ‘This is mocking servicemen killed by IEDs. It shows their warped state of mind’” Julie Siddiqi of the Islamic Society of Britain called it ‘inflammatory.’ The response of the Home Secretary to the rise of a possible vigilante group? Silence.

Student Rights, a British group monitoring extremism in universities, report that over the last year speakers with “a history of extreme or intolerant views” addressed meetings at 60 different institutions, many of which meetings were gender-segregated. 

Jack Straw, both Foreign Secretary and Home Secretary in the Blair government, said that the ‘point about living in a democracy is that you have to put up with people expressing views you really disagree with’. Unfortunately there are those amongst the Muslim community, amongst supposedly progressive thinkers, and within the Home Office who do not agree with this.

Britain’s progressives have a knee-jerk intolerance of other’s views. They take the line that it is better to ban debate than to engage in the debate and perhaps change their opponent’s minds. Or perhaps they just fear that they might lose an evidence based argument.

The exclusion of anti-Jihadists Spencer and Geller, who openly oppose Islam (which is very upsetting to Muslims) indicates that Britain’s government is making Geller and Spencer’s case for them; that amongst the Muslims invited into our country are some people who are very  volatile and dangerous in a way that others are not.

Banning Spencer and Geller will not appease those British Muslims already well advanced on the path to radicalisation. Neither will it halt the regrettable incidents of attacks on mosques following the murder of Lee Rigby. All the Home Secretary’s decisions will do is to make British democracy look weak and fearful at a time when it should appear strong and confident.



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