You can always count on them. Subtlety is not their hallmark. Atheists can always be counted on to overstep the mark.

Take the flag-bearer of atheist fundamentalism, Richard Dawkins. In The God Delusion Dawkins lays a source of Hitler’s insanity on the fact that he was a Catholic. This is a claim which even our rust complexioned compatriots across the Irish Sea would hesitate to make. It could be said with greater accuracy that Martin Luther, John Calvin and John Knox were Catholics. The atheist Hitler was born and began his political career in a social milieu where Catholicism was the folk religion, nothing more. Martin Luther and the other Reformers were, at one time, conviction Catholics.

But give them an opportunity and today’s atheists cannot resist the temptation to score an own goal. Thoughtful restraint does not loom large on their psychological horizons. The latest screaming insanity from the atheist front line comes from Ohio. This is a large chunk of real estate in the Midwest USA with a population of 11.5 million, most of whom are relatively sane.

Ohio Statehouse
Ohio Statehouse

The local branch of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a die-hard bunch of fundamentalist atheists, has demanded that a Star of David be removed from a monument proposed for the Statehouse in Columbus, a Holocaust memorial. FFRF argue that others and not just Jews died in the Holocaust.

Six million Jews were slaughtered by the Nazis simply and solely because they were Jews and the atheists of Ohio launch a campaign because the proposed memorial features an instantly recognisable symbol of Judaism, the Star of David.

The cut out six pointed star is to be incorporated in the memorial by Daniel Libeskind not to proclaim Jewish religious belief but to invoke, among other things, memories of the badge that the Nazis compelled Jews to wear on their clothing to identify themselves, the revival of a vile practice going back to the Middle Ages.


Others fed the ovens, but none more than the Jews. Others were victims, but only the Jews en masse because of their racial identity. The Holocaust marks the ultimate in racism, and a bunch of atheists, so wrapped up in their own obsession, wish to remove the mark of that racism. The proposition that you can have a Holocaust memorial without reference to Judaism is a preposterous insult.

There is no movement deploying pseudo-scholarship and conspiracy theories, which seeks to deny Nazi crimes against Slavs, gypsies, homosexuals, the handicapped — and, indeed, Christians. Holocaust denial has the specific meaning of minimizing, covering up, or altogether denying the reality of the war against the Jews, a war that animated Hitler from the very outset of his political career and played a large part in German military planning and strategy even to the last days of World War II. This is a form of Holocaust denial lite.

We can ridicule them, poke fun at their inanities, pick holes in their flimsy arguments, point out their prejudices and bigotry, but we can also just let the talk. Eventually they will find themselves with a gun and a foot and will be unable to resist. Thank God for atheists.



  1. I am under the impression that being a jew does’t necessarily mean religious, they could be jews by birth as far as genealogy goes, there were millions killed because of being homo, disabled, dissenting, christians, jehovahs witnesses by the thousands, who by the way could save themselves simply by renouncing their religion unfortanantly the jews had no options, many rulers will claim to be cathlic chrisitan (remember hearing george bush claim to be a christian) but doesn’t mean they are they could just be trying to get in favor of the people they are talking to who may be predominatly one religion or another. so talk to muslim say I am muslim talk to atheists say I am atheist, you get my point.

  2. You’re right, Roberta. Although I often fall on FFRF’s side, in this case I think they’re making a mistake. Not a serious one, since they have no plans to sue, they just wrote a letter objecting to the Star of David on the memorial. But the Star is a symbol of the Jewish people and of Israel, not just of Judaism, and the Holocaust is of such historical importance. I am sure this memorial passed the Lemon Test (secular purpose, doesn’t entangle government with religion too much).

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