Returning from holiday refreshed and relaxed it is expected that we would view the world with optimism and hope. Unfortunately reality intrudes. Whilst we’ve been away it has been just the same old, same old.

Stephen Fry has been making an ass of himself. Nothing new there. Mr Fry has declared that it is “absolutely essential” that Russia should not be allowed to hold the upcoming Winter Olympics. Going further than most people who receive messages via their tooth fillings Mr Fry claims Putin is “eerily repeating [Hitler’s] insane crimes”.

Stephen Fry Every Slight Another Holocaust
Stephen Fry
Every Slight Another Holocaust

Hitler declared a total war of extermination on an entire people, slaughtering six million in the most depraved manner imaginable, even diverting much needed resources at crucial junctures during WWII in order to feed more Jews into the ovens. Russia has passed a law banning “homosexual propaganda” and the promotion of “non-traditional relationships”making it illegal to give those under 18 information about homosexuality. According to Mr Fry banning homosexual proselytising in schools is akin to murdering 6 million Jews.

Without doubt Vladimir Putin is a thoroughly nasty piece of work, but he is yet to prove himself another Hitler. Apart from the gratuitous insult to Jews this exemplifies the distorted self regard of the homosexual lobby, to them any slight is another Holocaust.

Perhaps Mr Fry will be petitioning FIFA for the World Cup to be removed from Russia in 2018. Will we then find him also demanding that subsequent World Cup venues be changed? The emirate of Qatar purchased the World Cup for 2022. In Qatar it is not merely a matter of restricting homosexual propaganda in schools, in Qatar homosexuals can find themselves being stoned. Perhaps will we find Fry walking the streets of Doha asking for freedom to spread homosexual propaganda. But then, perhaps not.

The media got itself into another tizzy. Nothing new there either. Shock, horror, gasp, a UKIP politician said something crass and the media fell into paroxysms of excitement. Godfrey Bloom MEP told a meeting of supporters in the West Midlands that he didn’t want £1billion a month of taxpayers’ money being squandered on pointless foreign aid. He argued aid often ends up not in the hands of the needy but on “Ray-Ban sunglasses, apartments in Paris, Ferraris and all the rest of it” for grasping Third World plutocrats. He also used the term Bongo-Bongo Land.

Godfrey Bloom Unplugging Channel 4 News
Godfrey Bloom
Unplugging Channel 4 News

Rather than examine the substance of his speech the media latched on to Bongo-Bongo Land. The prime example was an interview on Channel 4 News by Krishnan Guru-Murthy. Bloom politely attempted to make his point about the waste of ring fenced foreign aid, the substance of his speech. Guru-Murthy rejected every attempt to discuss that point, returning again and again and again to Bongo-Bongo Land, the throw-away line. Eventually Bloom walked out of the interview.

This was more interesting than the usual liberal/progressive tactic of playing the man not the ball in order to avoid the substance of an issue. Bloom gave his speech in early July. Why has it come to light only now? Surely our keen as mustard investigative journalists would have ferreted it out earlier? Perish the thought that they merely recycle press releases and insider leaks from political parties.

Is it a coincidence that it was revealed on Sunday that Lynton Crosby, the Conservative Party’s campaign chief, is to launch an operation to undermine UKIP politicians by catching them making embarrassing comments? It is amusing to watch the painfully politically correct Channel 4 News aiding and abetting the architect of a right wing shift in Tory Party presentation.

Mr Mark Carney, new governor of the Bank of England, has told us that he intends keeping interest rates at the low of 0.5%. This means that those foolish enough to try to save money for future expenditure will face having their nest-eggs eroded by three more years of low returns and high inflation. The government tells us we must put more of our income away in the form of pension provision whilst the Bank of England ensures that any money we do put away will in effect lose its value.

Mark Carney Governor of the Bank of England
Mark Carney
Governor of the Bank of England

The Bank’s decision will lead to pressure not just on savers and pensioners, but also workers as real wages will be eroded by inflation. What’s more low interest rates will also encourage people to borrow more. We are in for a recovery built on credit and house prices. Nothing new there.

Similarly Mr Carney is shocked to find that there are no females on the Bank’s nine member Monetary Policy Committee which sets interest rates. He wants to see more women on the MPC. Naturally there have been cries from the usual quarters for the MPC to be “more representative” of the nation. Nothing new there either.

The MPC is not meant to be representative of the demographics of the nation, it is meant to be representative of the best economists in the nation, whatever their gender. Most people couldn’t give a fig if the MPC were to be composed of nine men, or nine women, or any varying ratio, as long as they were the best people for the job. As far as is known the possession of xx chromosome pairings or xy chromosome pairings is no indicator of economic acumen. Nevertheless according to some we must have demographic representation.

As the Preacher said in Ecclesiastes there is nothing new under the sun. Tiresome, of course, but we will keep our shoulder to the wheel, nose to the grindstone, best foot forward and gird up our loins in the struggle against progressive idiocy. Instead of holidays we should all get a chiropractor.


4 thoughts on “SAME OLD, SAME OLD

  1. Vladimir Putin a “nasty piece of work”… because he invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, Greneda, Vietnam, Korea, Japan indulges in proxy wars in Syria, Libya,Nicaragua, Columbia, Iran props up questionable govts in the Middle East, South America and Africa, has military bases in most of the world, spies on most of the world with the complicity of western governments? You’re right a leader of a country like that is to be avoided and is indeed a nasty piece of work.

    1. Mother Teressa never did get elected leader of a major power. Blair, Putin, Obama, they all have blood on their hands. Constantine delayed his baptism until his deathbed because he knew that the leader of a major power would be involved in bloodletting.
      To compare any of the above leaders with a deranged mass murderer like a Hitler, Stalin or Mao, which is what Fry did, is to lose any valid argument which might be made.

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