It doesn’t matter who you are, rich or poor, prominent or unknown, believer or unbeliever, from the highest to the lowest total conformity to the mores of our cultural elite will be rigidly enforced, whatever the cost to the individuals involved. Shortly after Grain went off line last month Brendan Eich was forced from his job. Last week Sarah Mbuyi met the same fate. Refusal to celebrate homosexual marriage is tantamount to social ostracism if not an open door to the unemployment line or even arrest.

Brendan Eich
Brendan Eich

Brendan Eich, inventor of Javascript and co-founder of Mozilla, was forced from his post as CEO of the company because back in 2008 he gave a small donation to a California referendum campaign against homosexual marriage. Eich was ‘outed’ and forced from the company he helped create.

Eich did not discriminate against homosexuals either in his social circles or in the employment practices of his company. His crime was that nearly six years ago he held the view that marriage was an institution created solely for two people of opposite sexes. This is the view held at the same time by Barack Obama. That a values free politician could see that was where the votes were we may assume that many Americans held the same view. Nevertheless in today’s intolerant world Eich had to go.

This hounding of Eich is no aberration, the action of a few vindictive fanatics or an overzealous Twitter mob, it is the logical extension of what has been an intolerant movement from its inception. Coercion, either through legislation or media and cultural pressure, has been the tactic of our successful social revolutionaries.

Sarah Myubi
Sarah Myubi

Sarah Mbuyi was a nursery worker with Newpark Child Care in London until last week. In September a lesbian became a co-worker and the two quickly established a friendly working relationship. The other woman claimed to be very interested in Myubi’s Christian beliefs and so Myubi gave her a Bible.

During conversations the woman claimed to have been discriminated against by Christians because of her sexuality and said that she thought that God condoned same sex marriage. Although the legislation approving same sex marriage was only two months away the woman claimed to be unhappy that she was unable to marry her partner.

At no time did Mbuyi force her biblical views on the other woman but when asked directly what she believed Myubi said that the Bible taught that homosexual sex (not homosexuals themselves) was wrong. The woman immediately reported Myubi to their employers and at the disciplinary hearing her employers accused Myubi of harassing the other woman. Sarah Myubi was dismissed for ‘gross misconduct’.

At a time when the Prime Minister is proclaiming that Great Britain is a Christian nation and that Christians should be more open about our faith we find that a Christian who supports the teaching of the Bible is sacked for opposition to David Cameron’s signature legislation of same sex marriage.

Daring to express biblical morality in the workplace is fast becoming a prohibited activity. The homosexual lobby not only demands tolerance of its ideals but their active affirmation by everyone. Opponents of homosexual marriage are viewed as ideological enemies to be crushed by whatever means available.

Homosexual marriage has little to do with toleration, diversity or supposed equal rights. It is a means to an end and has become the lead mechanism through which society can be changed. Through homosexual marriage our post-traditional elites can demonstrate their contempt for old fashioned values such as family life, privacy, commitment and self discipline. Old values of community and steadiness are consigned to the dustbin and new values of individualism and constant change enforced.

The campaign for homosexual marriage, which shall continue until such marriages are celebrated in church, is not really about homosexuality, it is about destroying old moral values and imposing new ones. This is why opposition to homosexual marriage must be eradicated. We who affirm traditional marriage are not simply people who have a differing view, we are not just ‘wrong’, we are ideological enemies who are standing against a much wider project and as such must be silenced.

The coercive power of the state is liberally employed to this end. We find street preachers in Britain being arrested for saying homosexuality is a sin. In Sweden Aake Green a Pentecostal pastor was sentenced to one month in prison for the same crime, thankfully Green was acquitted on appeal. In France baton wielding police employed tear gas to attack protestors marching against homosexual marriage. Those wearing T-shirts featuring a man a woman and a child were cautioned against organising an unauthorised protest.

The ‘straight’ are not only those who uphold marriage we tend to be those who hold to a straight culture and straight values. We can even be described as straight-laced, which is anathema to the trendy elite. When we straights refuse to acknowledge homosexual marriage we are not just refusing a social construct we are refusing the new moral framework being demanded by our elites. We are moral heretics whose deviant views are dangerous.

Over half a century ago George Orwell wrote, ‘If you want a vision of the future imagine a boot stamping on a face – forever’. It may be a tasseled Gucci loafer instead of a jack boot, but it is stamping.

Gucci loafers





  1. ” Coercion, either through legislation or media and cultural pressure, has been the tactic of our successful social revolutionaries.”

    Indeed. That’s the whole point of “gay marriage” — using the power of the state to force people to accept the legitimacy of their behaviour.

    I’m persuaded, Campbell, that its (probably unconscious) roots are in the internal awareness of the guilt of their actions, and the mental / emotional anguish that brings. The drive for acceptance, for validation, is to try to soothe those feelings. If they can just get everyone, absolutely everyone, to say it is ok, maybe they won’t feel so guilty?

    If your conscience is clear over what you are doing, you might be disappointed if it is criticised, but you won’t feel a need to ban that criticism.

    But no matter what the law says and how many “Gay Pride” events they hold and no matter what happens, that internal turmoil will remain.

    1. The incident has been widely reported in newspapers as diverse as the Telegraph and the Pink News. Sarah Myubi was also interviewed on BBC News by Reeta Chakrabarti.Sarah is now suing her former employers for religious discrimination.

      1. It is strange, because it reads like the most idiotic ET1 form. She behaved absolutely perfectly, in a friendly manner to her lesbian colleague, but the lesbian and the management behaved monstrously. It is utterly partisan. And it is not the Pink News account.

      2. Yes, the difficulty here is that you only have two people who know what actually passed between the two of them, right? I’m a little uncomfortable with assuming Myubi’s account is entirely accurate because “in the mouth of two or three witnesses….” We only have one here, as far as I know.

        But the Brendan Eich situation is completely public, everyone knows what happened, and it is as monstrous as what Myubi reports. So maybe this description is utterly partisan, but it is also utterly believable. It is not as if Myubi lives in a vacuum. She lives in a society where compulsion is a reality for registrars, B&B owners, etc, where a man can be demoted and take a huge cut in pay for simply saying on his private Facebook account that gay marriage in church is a step too far.

      3. Yet the word of only one witness was enough to get Sarah Myubi sacked.
        Myubi also indicated to the disciplinary hearing that she could not read stories of homosexual parenting to toddlers. This was not, however, given as the grounds for her sacking. She was sacked because of the complaint of one other member of staff concerning something she said in a private conversation, after being invited by that member of staff to express her views on homosexual marriage.

      4. Indeed, Campbell, by all we can see the sacking was unjust. But I’m hesitant to declare that the Christian did everything perfectly — we simply can’t know that.

  2. Absolutely – repressed guilt is worse than sitting on a fence for discomfort.
    Agree with the article, but please, Mr Campbell, can you slow down long enough to insert a few punctuation marks?

  3. This morning I listened to a Church of Scotland minister from Glasgow give thought for the day on BBC Radio Scotland. The biblical prophets and Jesus were mentioned briefly in what can only be described as a socialist/communist monologue on wealth redistribution. The reason I am giving this comment and relating it to your article is that behind the minister’s talk lay the assumption that it is the state, a large state alone that can solve our problems such as wealth inequality. It is the state which will bring about a fairer, more equal, inclusive society. All the buzz words were there. The fact that it is the state which is strangling our freedom of conscience, our freedom of thought and speech mattered not a jot to this minister. We now have a state that tells people who we can love and who we are allowed to hate. Modern Scotland finds this lever of the state very useful as recent legislation shows.
    Unfortunately the CoS seems to have found its medium as a quick look at the articles on its web site will show. This minister was only toeing the party line. But in doing so he missed a wonderful opportunity to tell his listeners that they should seek first the Kingdom of God and bring about personal change through our Lord Jesus Christ which will in turn begin to change society. Unfortunately, to do this will bring Christians into conflict with the prevailing zeitgeist as your article demonstrates. And no minister invited onto thought for the day is going to risk that. Is he?

  4. Hidden guilt at all times finds an outlet in anger or in persecution of those who disagree with perversity.
    Christians can expect virulent opposition of a devilish nature. The Master said so some time back……..”in the world you will have tribulation but be of good courage for I HAVE OVERCOME the World (John’s Gospel 16 v 33>)

    In comparison with Syria, Nigeria , Egypt inter alia suffering in the West is surely minimal. The Church is suffering and if one suffers we all suffer with those who do. Captain J.S. COLMAN.

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