In the last twenty four hours two Canadian soldiers have been murdered. One, Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, was deliberately run over in Saint Jean Sur-Richelieu, Quebec, the town which hosts Canada’s Royal Military College. The other, Corporal Nathan Cirillo of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, a ceremonial guard at the National War Memorial in Ontario was shot dead. In two cases within two days soldiers were murdered in places where you could be sure to find soldiers. Both terrorist attacks were carried out by converts to Islam.

The euphemisms immediately rolled out. Obama in particular termed the murder of Corporal Cirillo an act of ‘senseless violence’. It was not senseless violence to search out particular military target in order to commit murder in front of the National War Memorial, it was a deliberate symbolic assault on the Canadian state in the pursuit of an ideology. Just as the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby was a symbolic assault by two Muslim converts directed at the heart of the British state.

These attacks are not senseless like the shooting up of cinemas and shopping malls which seems to happen in the USA. These murders were deliberate, premeditated attacks on Western states who have the temerity to try to free Islamic countries from the horrors of ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

Our rulers, for they have stopped being representatives and have become rulers, must wake up to the fact that a virulent ideology has declared war on the West. We are in the midst of an ideological battle, and if we don’t confront the ideology itself we will lose.

When a British soldier is murdered by Islamists on the streets of the capital and David Cameron immediately goes on television to declare, ‘This is nothing to do with Islam’ even although the murderers were shouting Allahu Akbar, then we lose. When an American Muslim soldier murders thirteen unarmed service personnel in Fort Hood and the Obama White House declares it was not a terrorist attack but an incident of workplace violence, then we lose.

Unless you are willing to acknowledge that these attacks, and too many others like them, are incidents of ideological warfare and not random acts of ‘senseless violence’ then you are part of the problem. Smothering reality in a blanket of euphemisms merely serves to insulate the barbaric and gives them the freedom to continue their warfare. Appeasement never works.

The response of General Casey, Chief of Staff of the US Army, to the Fort Hood massacre is instructive, ‘What happened at Fort Hood was a tragedy, but I believe it would be an even greater tragedy if our diversity becomes a casualty here.

In the name of multiculturalism we refuse to confront actual danger, we are like infants holding their hands over their eyes and thinking that because they can’t see us we can’t see them.

Multiculturalism is a one-way street. President Karzai of Afghansitan had the last Christian church in Afghanistan razed to the ground whilst we in the West were expending lives and treasure to keep him alive and in power. Try opening a church in our ally Saudi Arabia where Bibles are illegal and you will find just how far multiculturalism goes. Try being a Christian anywhere in the Middle East or North Africa and you will find out how tolerant and peaceful the religion of peace is when it has power.

It is not only our secular leadership which is willfully blind. The churches must acknowledge the part they have played, both in denuding Christianity of any certainty and in giving Islam a free pass.

When we strip our culture and our faith of distinctive meaning we should not be surprised that rootless young people in search of identity will be attracted to an ideology which deals in certainty and brooks no divergence. Most will follow Meghan Trainor or Taylor Swift, but unfortunately some will choose to follow Islam. We should not be surprised that a significant portion of these converts, or reverts as Muslims term them, should choose to take the Koran seriously and try to implement its instructions with regard to ‘unbelievers’ and their states.

When a culture has its foundations deliberately eroded we should express no surprise when the entire edifice tumbles down. We should be surprised, however, when those who are meant to guard the foundations both undermine those foundations and give approval to those who would destroy the culture entirely.

When denominational leaders spend more time attacking those within the church who do not accept secular morality than they do in defending persecuted Christians, we are in trouble. When we find an archbishop of Canterbury arguing for the adoption of some aspects of Sharia law in the UK, we know our culture is in deep trouble. When we have denominational leaders, in the interests of multiculturalism and not wishing to cause offence, downplaying the gospel as the only way of salvation, we may well have lost completely.

We are in the midst of an ideological struggle. The worrying thing is that only one side is actually struggling.


5 thoughts on “BLIND LEADERS

  1. Once again a great analysis expressed in a few paragraphs. Sadly, our leaders or rulers as you rightly call them, seem to have given up the fight to preserve what exists of our culture and heritage long ago. Remember in 2007 the 300th anniversary of the Union went unnoticed and unacknowledged because we were slightly ashamed of the difficult questions such a commemoration might raise. Fast forward seven years and we are in a fight to save that self same Union against those who would break and destroy it. You can bet those who wanted to destroy the Union didn’t waste their time during these seven years. What has this to do with your piece? Well, as you rightly observe our leaders – be they political, religious or cultural – have gone into collective denial about the real and present danger facing this nation from a ruthless ideology. When the time does come for these people to be roused from their dogmatic slumber then the battle will be a lot more vicious, prolonged and indecisive than it needs to be thanks to our appeasement and denial now.

  2. Christian leaders, ministers, vicar, cardinals, bishops et al , spreak out with boldness and clarity, Fear not, He is with us, Can we use great grace to contrast the confidence in the vicarious work of Our Lord, Jesus Christ who is shamefully demeaned by the Qu’ran and its expositors?.
    Christ is supreme owner of the Islamic nations and has been , by them, disenfranchised but not by His God and Father and ours. Our God reigns. Wonderfully many young Arabs, unfulfilled by Islam are turning in their thousands to search for the true God and His Son, Jesus, using current technology and prove the blessing of sins forgiven and a eternal life in knowing Christ and His God. Lord bless them and keep them.

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