Robert Burns, in one of his best remembered lines made the plea:

O wad some Power the giftie gie us
To see oursels as ithers see us!
It wad frae mony a blunder free us,
An’ foolish notion.

Unfortunately we mostly continue blithely on our way, unconsicous of our oh so apparent foolishness, none more so that our politicians.

Dennis Skinner, Labour MP for Bolsover, is in a number of ways to be admired. He is resolutely Old Labour, holding to the principles he has always held and refusing to bow down to the wishes of the metrosexual, progressive tendency prevalent amongst the millionaires on the Labour front bench.

Dennis Skinner The Beast of Bolsover
Dennis Skinner
 The Beast of Bolsover

Dennis Skinner, the Beast of Bolsover as he is dubbed because of his love of putting the boot into the Conservatives, has said that he would turn down a recently proposed 10% pay rise for MPs until the government ‘unfreeze[s] the pay of working-class people’, and ‘restores[s] free collective bargaining. And that won’t be for a very long time’. He has voted against every EU treaty brought before Parliament. He is one of the few Labour MP’s who has both a working class background and outlook.

When Mark Reckless, UKIP winner of the Rochester and Strood by-election took his seat in Parliament last Friday he intervened in the debate on the privatisation of the NHS. As a Labour backbencher, Dennis Skinner, took this opportunity to attack the UKIP policy on immigration. He gave the example that he had undergone what he termed a ‘United Nations heart by-pass’, in which the cardiologist was a Syrian and the surgeon a Malaysian, the procedure also involved a Dutch doctor and a Nigerian registrar. Thus, in the minds of progressives everywhere, were the values of multicultural Britain exemplified to the discomfiture of the supposedly racist UKIP.

If we step back, however, and view this from another direction we can argue that the British NHS depends for its continued existence on colonial exploitation and racism. Presumably Holland, placed 17th in the World Health Organisation rankings one ahead of the UK at 18th, is advanced enough to spare a few doctors to prop up a floundering NHS, but what about Syria, Nigeria and Malaysia?

Malaysia, ranked 50th, has an impressive public health system, but can it really afford to export trained surgeons to the UK? Malaysia is in very close proximity to countries such as Indonesia ranked 92 and Burma 190 and bottom of the list, where the public health provision is best described as scanty. Don’t poor Asians have as much need of decent health care as British MP’s?

The WHO ranked Syria 108th in 2000 and since then the situation has plumeted drastically. Can Syria, in its present state of societal collapse really afford to export trained cardiologists? Don’t the sufferings of the victims in war torn Syria have a greater need of the attention of expert doctors than British pensioners?

The WHO ranks Nigeria 187 out of 190 in terms of public health provision. Yet Dennis Skinner and progressives throughout the country reckon that it is a thing to be proud of when trained medics leave Nigeria with its vast medical needs to come and work in the UK.

When they boast of the ‘rainbow NHS’ what they are really saying is that coming to the West, whether the UK, the USA, Canada or any other advanced country, to operate on, treat and nurse white people is more important than staying at home and working amidst the largely non-white people who are in desperate need of them. Amongst any others than progressives this would be termed the most blatant colonial exploitation, if not outright racism.

Instead of revelling in the unacknowledged racism of leaving coloured people in desperate need so that we in Britain can have decent health care, perhaps our progressives should be asking questions as to how the UK found itself in the position where we are dependent on ignoring the sufferings of others for the relief of our own medical problems.

Among the questions they don’t ask are:
Why should the UK, with a supposedly advanced education system, be so dependent on poaching medical staff from countries with little in the way of public education?
Is our education system really so ramshackle that it is unable to turn out young men and women both willing and able to take up a career in medicine?
Why are young Britons unable or unwilling to work in the NHS?
Why is it that medics, trained in the UK at considerable public expense, should find it so unattractive to work in the NHS that 5000 per year, up 12% since 2008, are considering emigration to Australia, New Zealand and the Americas?

1800 years before Burns penned his lines Jesus put it very simply. He warned us about the danger of being so intent on the speck of dust in another’s eye that we ignored the plank in our own. UKIP’s immigration policy should come under close scrutiny, but not at the expense of blithely ignoring the societal breakdown occurring at present in the UK, or the casual and unacknowledged racism of many progressives.



  1. An excellent point which our myopic and parochial politicians rarely mention. Or is it just our myopic and parochial mainstream media?

    1. The personel amongst our politicians and our mainstream media largely share the same backgrounds, attitudes, values and aims; how can there be any real examination and interrogation of our political elites when our journalists are at one with them?

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