When it comes to Islam the automatic response of our self appointed moral arbiters is deflection, denial and projection.

With every Islamic inspired atrocity there is an inevitable backlash. Not from supposed Islamophobes bent on wreaking revenge by attacking Muslims, but the cry of progressives warning about a backlash of Islamophobes bent on wreaking revenge by attacking Muslims. Following the Sydney café siege even Australia has succumbed.

How Australians Reacted To The Sydney Siege
How Everyday Australians Actually Reacted To The Sydney Siege

Hashtag activists have sprung into action to defend the theoretical victims of an Islamophobia which wasn’t happening. ‘I’ll ride with you’ is their slogan, and “#illridewithyou” their Twitter hashtag. The idea was that Muslims couldn’t ride on Australia’s public transport in safely because bigots would attack them, so good-hearted strangers had to ‘ride’ with them.

It appears that on Monday 1000 miles away in Brisbane Rachel Jacobs, a Green candidate, was on a train reading in her paper about the siege when she noticed a woman in the carriage taking off her headscarf.

‘Tears sprang to my eyes and I was struck by feelings of anger, sadness and bitterness’, she wrote. Not tears for the victims in the Lindt Café, rather tears for ‘victims of the siege who were not in the café’. Victims like the woman who took off her headscarf.

Jacobs later admitted that ‘She might not even be a Muslim or she could have just been warm’. Nevertheless Jacobs felt compelled to start her Twitter campaign for the ‘other victims’.

This epitomises the arrogance which sees progressives as enlightened and morally superior to the rest of us who are, in their eyes, knuckle dragging red-necks liable to explode into a pogrom against anything we think ‘other’. The fact that a backlash against Muslims doesn’t happen never seems to penetrate the prejudices of the progressives, they have the narrative of their moral superiority to maintain and nothing is allowed to dent it, especially facts.

If there is a genuine fear of a backlash against Muslims it is an irrational fear disconnected from any evidence. If genuine its purpose would be to suppress uncomfortable dissent and convince our elites of their own righteousness, a self-righteousness which places them above criticism and beyond responsibility for their actions.

The warnings of immanent ‘backlash’ are nothing more than a diversion which deflecting attention from the real atrocity, the actual people terrorised and murdered in the name of Allah.

Tony Abbott 'Move Along, No Problem Here'
Tony Abbott
‘Move Along, No Problem Here’

Every Western leader whose country has suffered an Islamic terrorist attack has responded with the denial that it has anything to do with any religion. Even Australia’s defiantly non-progressive prime minister Tony Abbot joined in this week.

‘The point I keep making is that the ISIL death cult has nothing to do with any religion, any real religion. It has nothing to do with any particular community. It is something to which sick individuals succumb.’ So ISISL, which perpetrates its atrocities in the name of Islam, which flies a black flag proclaiming Islam and seeks out non-Muslims to slaughter or sell into slavery, actually has nothing to do with Islam.

Political and community leaders continually parrot the line that repeated acts of Islamic terrorism have nothing to do with the religion which the Muslim terrorists equally invariably proclaim as the inspiration for their atrocities.

Here in the UK our leaders do the same. Following the beheading of Lee Rigby David Cameron assured us, ‘There is nothing in Islam that justifies acts of terror’. In this he differed from the two Islamists who shouted “Allahu Akbar” and quoted 22 verses from the Koran as they murdered a British soldier on a London street.

Following the Nairobi shopping mall massacre that noted Islamic scholar David Cameron assured us, ‘They don’t represent Islam or Muslims in Britain or anywhere else in the world’. Cameron also assured us that Islamic Sate has ‘nothing to do with the great religion of Islam, a religion of peace’.

Not to be left behind Theresa May, Home Secretary and possible Tory leadership contender told the Conservative Party Conference in 2014, ‘This hateful ideology has nothing to do with Islam… Let the message go out that we know Islam is a religion of peace.’

This week, following the school massacre in Peshawar when Taliban gunmen murdered 141, including 132 children in the name of their brand of Islam, Cameron again assured us that it, ‘Is nothing to do with one of the world’s great religions – Islam, which is a religion of peace.’

Lesser lights (Twitter bores) choose diversion and regurgitate the accusation that Christianity is as bad. It is common to cite Roman Catholic support for the IRA. That the IRA was largely made up of Catholics and drew its support from that community and that there were those in the priesthood who supported and sheltered them is beyond doubt. However, the IRA, vile as they were, never claimed to be a Catholic organisation or murdered people in the name of Jesus.

If, as is claimed, ‘All religions are the same’ where are the Christian terrorists? Think of what has gone before the Lindt Café murders; the Twin Towers, the London bombings, the Bali Bombing, the Madrid train bombing, the Boko Haram atrocities, the interminable persecution of religious minorities across the Middle East, the Peshawar bombings and school massacre. Were these atrocities perpetrated by a breakaway faction of the Militant Methodists? Perhaps that is what the Salvation Army is really up to, or maybe it was a branch of ‘Anglicans for Al-Qa’ida’.

For those who will inevitably cry out ‘What about the Iraq War, what about Fallujah etc.’ consider the facts. In every country involved in the Iraq War, into which the Labour government dragged the UK, there were massive anti-war movements supported by Christians. The Christian denominations of the UK opposed the war. The Vatican opposed the war. The dwindling number of Christians in Iraq bear testimony to what Christians have suffered as result of the war. That war, and the horrors flowing from it, was not done in the name of Christianity.

On the other hand world wide Islamic terrorism is defiantly perpetrated in the name of Islam, and those involved justify their actions, the intention of imposing Sharia law and the creating of an Islamic state or society, with reference to the Koran and the life of Muhammed.

Not all Muslims are terrorists, but practically all terrorist are Muslims. But according to our leaders ‘All this has nothing to do with Islam.’



  1. I have read the Qur’an which calls for peace on all Muslims and death to the ‘Infidels, the Kaffirs’ designated as Christians and Jews and all others who do not accept Islam. The Koran rails against God’s Christ and demeans Him in print, denying His godhead glory, His eternal sonship, His vicarious death and resurrection, His ability to offer salvation to sinful man.
    The Koran is therefore anti-Christ and anti-God. Christ is Lord of all the earth and owns the Islamic nations which reject Him. Lord in your mercy shower your light on the nations.

  2. Fear and inertia motivate our reaction against evil and we justify these characteristics which make us ashamed by the process of denial. Society’s rejection of Christ, born of the consequences of following Him, is a fruit of the same seed.We rationalise by abuse of Him and His people, because Christianity, by its essence , is a soft target, unlike Islam.
    We are blind and deaf. Lord Jesus, grant us mercy.

    1. Fear and inertia- yes, but underneath that perhaps it is grounded in the fact that we have lost something of the awe of God. If the Church so often trivialises the person of Christ why should we be upset when the world treats Him with disdain?

  3. I was really challenged by the woman on the train and the I’ll ride with you’ hashtag. Whether you think her campaign was justified or not or intimidation of muslims is real or not, I felt the WWJD challenge. At an empirical level, helping a woman feeling frightened isn’t a terrible thing to do. I felt shame at the feelings that news story provoked in me

    1. We most certainly should be sensitive to the genuine fears of others and act with compassion towards those who are suffering. Rachel Jacobs however, seems to have been projecting her own unfounded fears on to another.

      She did not know whether or not the other lady was a Muslim and she did not know why the lady removed her headscarf, there is no evidence presented that the lady was frightened. Holding the prejudicial assumption that her fellow non-enlightened Australians were liable to break out into anti-Muslim violence Rachel Jacobs projected her her own prejudices on to the scene.

      It does not appear that this was a moment of genuine compassion but rather a fantasy driven by her own fears.

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