Why are liberals so opposed to biblical Christianity whilst so accommodating towards Islam? After all Christianity is foundational for many traditional liberal beliefs whilst Islam is utterly opposed to them. The real difference is that Islam is useful to the modern liberal agenda whilst biblical Christianity is an obstacle to its implementation.

freedom go to hell

For today’s liberal the great problem with biblical Christianity is that it is traditionally liberal. In the doctrine of the Image of God Christianity espouses the equal value in the eyes of God of every human being regardless of origin or background. Likewise in arguing for a Day of Judgement before God Christianity argues that there are absolute moral values and that we are all personally responsible agents. Equality and individual responsibility were once guiding lights to be followed by liberals, for today’s liberals in a world of quotas and corporate sin they have long disappeared.

Words change their meanings, sometimes to such an extent that they mean the opposite of what they originally meant. The original fundamentalists, the writers of ‘The Fundamentals’ were men such as BB Warfield and James Orr, theologians of stature who were amongst the intellectual leaders of the Protestantism of their day. Today a fundamentalist is either a snake handler from Tennessee or a bloke with a beard and a suicide vest, basically someone who picks up their Bible, whatever that may be, and puts down his brain.

So it is with the word ‘Liberal’. Once a proponent of the maximum individual and social freedom possible it now denotes someone who is intolerant of other’s views, who demands conformity, who restricts free speech, who desires ever more state control and who seeks to outlaw anything with which he disagrees.

One of the commonplace progressive or liberal memes is that ISIS is un-Islamic. It would be much more accurate to say that today’s liberals are ill-liberal. Traditional liberalism amongst today’s liberals is as dead as Lenin, a mummified corpse preserved in a mausoleum and viewed as a relic of a distant past.

Probably the majority of those posing as liberals today would unite in declaring that criticism of Islam is racist or Islamophobic. Any criticism of the behaviour or beliefs of those perceived as a minority must, according to our liberal elites and their followers, have its roots in the psychology of the critic. Basically the liberal responds to concerns about Islam with the attitude, ‘The problem isn’t with them it’s with you’.


In this way liberals tend to favour denunciation over argument. At one time liberals thought about issues and argued cogently, today liberals respond to ideological clues with Pavlovian eagerness.

The assertion, no matter how illogical, that the USA is irredeemably racist is impossible to argue against because it is not concerned with verifiable fact. For today’s liberals this not an argument to be debated, it is a denunciation which rejects discussion and casts any opposing it as part of the problem; it is an ideological assertion demanding that all fall into line in agreement or fall outside the boundaries of acceptable belief.

Today’s Liberals are ever ready to forgive ill-liberalism whenever it emerges from a favoured grouping. Thus female genital mutilation, which if practised by in the Western Isles or suburban Surrey would arouse roof lifting howls of protest, is forgiven as a ‘cultural practice’ and opposition to it falls under suspicion of Western cultural imperialism.


Where Islam forms the majority liberals are silent as to their behaviour. Liberals campaign incessantly for homosexual rights and feminism, except when it concerns Islamic countries where homosexuals are not fêted on the media and given knighthoods but are considered perverted criminals who can be jailed or sentenced to death, and where women are covered from head to toe and have to walk behind men. Homosexuals, feminists and Muslims are not actual concerns of today’s liberals, they are a means to an end, tools to be exploited.

Muslims are of no real concern to liberals, what they are concerned with is Islam. Muslims are merely the latest ‘victims’ liberals choose to manipulate for their own purposes.

The only thing that concerns liberals about Islam is that, in the West at least, Muslims are a minority group. As such they can be used to sow mistrust in ‘the system’. Muslims can quickly cow the supposedly powerful, consider how Western leaders grovelled over the Danish cartoons and whenever there is a Muslim atrocity are quick to assert Islam is a religion of peace. It is not the vulnerability of Muslims which attracts liberals, it is the power of Islam to challenge the system.

Islam may be sexist, intolerant and bigoted, but liberals who demand resignations at the hint of a sexist joke are silent. The importance to liberals is not the act, it is the ideology. Islam and liberals share a totalitarian mindset. The ultimate aim of both is to replace the existing Western Christian and Enlightenment cultural consensus; liberals with their own liberal progressive utopia, Islam with their own Muslim, sharia based, society. For today’s liberals the operating maxim is ‘My enemy’s enemy is my friend’.

Islam will dominate world

Biblical Christianity, which is truly liberal in according to every individual maximum value and personal responsibility, and in proclaiming unvarying moral standards, stands in the way of modern totalitarian liberalism and in its view has to be either crushed or co-opted.

Today’s liberal cannot be expected to be distressed or do anything concerning Islamic ill-liberalism. What we confront today is not liberalism as we knew it, it is a progressive jihad which has stolen the terminology whilst rejecting the content of liberalism.


3 thoughts on “WHAT’S IN A NAME?

  1. Dear Insomniac, Your postings are clear, godly, and incisive. Oh that they were more widely accepted. Perhaps through recording the truth you have become an enemy of some before whose eyes there is no fear of God, the God of the Bible. Your postings are eminently acceptable . Carry on, do, In Christ’s name JSC.

    1. The encouragement received from readers of ‘Grain’ is truly appreciated. Encouragement is one of the most neglected of the gifts of the Spirit (Romans 12:8) and also one of the most valued by those on the receiving end. Thank you.

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