It is not only in politics and the media that progressives have become the establishment. It is true also of the mainstream church.

What do you do with a minister who confidently proclaims at Christmas that the Incarnation is a ‘fairy tale’ and it is embarrassing to preach on it every year? If you are in the Church of Scotland you do the same as you do with minsters who deny the Virgin Birth, the Atonement, the bodily Resurrection of Christ and His return – you do nothing. And so the revisionists grow ever bolder.

Effectively the Church of Scotland, like many other mainstream Christian denominations, is devoid of doctrinal standards. They may exist on paper, but certainly not in practice.

The YouTube video below touches on the successful attempts by progressive Christians to turn once theologically confident denominations into pale reflections of society, with an added veneer of Christian language and symbols.

It seems likely that the Church of Scotland at its General Assembly in May 2016 will vote to allow the ordination of ministers in same-sex-marriages. Which raises the question: How much of Christianity, both in theology and in practice, can a church jettison and still remain a church?



  1. When a body that claims Christian status,as the Church of Scotland historically has done, deliberately turns its back on Biblical truth by allowing heretical outpourings from its pulpits, it has become an apostate organisation, a branch cut off from the vine, only fit for burning. Truly born-again believers have no other choice according to God’s word, than to “depart from iniquity”.

    John Miller


  2. A minister who has publicly declared his apostacy in rejecting the truths to which he took a vow of loyalty has opened the door to church discipline. He may certainly be given time and space for a publicly stated change of mind and his deep sorrow in that he has challenged divine decrees. What has happened to church discipline please? God’s truth has always stood. The Lord help him to be restored to the faith delivered and entrusted to the saints. He might encourage church waverers and those who have lapsed. Spirit of God be pleased to move him.

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