Last week Texas Values Action warned that progressive Democratic legislators in the Texas Senate have formed a ‘LGBTQ Caucus’ promising a ‘transformative’ and ‘strategic’ agenda.See the source imageThis agenda includes proposed ‘sexual orientation and gender identity’ laws. So sweeping are they that Texas Values Action describes them as ‘Ban the Bible bills’. Texas Values Action both exaggerate and underestimate the danger of these bills.

Despite what Texas Values Action suggests these bills do not ban the Bible. No one is coming to physically remove Texan’s Bibles. There will be no prohibition on the sale of Bibles.

These bills do something much more insidious. By stigmatising Christian views based on biblical teaching they would effectually strip Christians living under them from the right to speak out, communicate or practice the teachings of the Bible.

There are eight different non-discrimination bills intended to codify sexual orientation and gender identity in state law.

Four of the bills, numbered HB 224, HB 254, HB 850, and SB 151, would force Christian business owners to affirm homosexuality and transgenderism within their business practices.

Two other bills take LGBTQ activism directly into health care. HB 517 requires Christian counsellors to affirm transgenderism, and SB 154 would force doctors to violate their conscience by creating retroactive birth certificates with new gender identities for patients.

If passed into law these bills would force Texans to ‘support’ someone undergoing gender transition. Businesses and owners who believe marriage is between one man and one woman would be forced to participate in and celebrate same-sex weddings. Government contractors would be forced to endorse LGBTQ stances that may violate their consciences. Christian homeless shelters, refuges, schools and colleges would have to allow biological men into women’s shelters, dorms, showers, locker rooms and bathrooms, and vice versa.

The actions of the Texas LGBTQ Caucus highlights a growing trend throughout the West. The intention of supposedly tolerant progressives to force people of faith to celebrate LGBTQ viewpoints or values and thereby reject their own sincerely held Christian beliefs concerning marriage, family life and human sexuality.

As usual with progressives dissent will be penalised. Under these proposed laws any refusing to follow and celebrate LGBT identities ‘will face fines, possible jail time, or other criminal charges.’ Violation of these laws would be a Class A misdemeanour and could result in a fine of $100 per day.

Now that LGBTQ people have danced out of the closet to loud acclaim and media led social approval they seem determined to push Christians into the closet to take their place. The LGBTQ community are growing ever more aggressive in their determination to silence critics, especially Christian critics.

Christianity is not a religion confined to sitting in a pew on Sundays. Christianity is a faith of the home, works place and politics. As the great Dutch theologian and politician Abraham Kuyper said, ‘There is not a thumb’s breadth of all creation of which God does not say, “Mine”.’

The West’s clash of worldviews grows ever more serious.


  1. Campbell thanks for this and keep on going keep us informed. Up here in Ardersier we want to know and grow

  2. The UK, especially here in Scotland, will not be exempt from this kind of oppressive legislation which when enacted by our parliaments will, either deliberately or as an unintended consequence, attack and undermine Christianity. In other words, this is a direct attack on Jesus Christ, something all Christians should be very concerned about. This is the time when our national Churches should be speaking out, standing against and denouncing the whole progressive agenda. Sadly, the Church of Scotland is one of the main cheerleaders for and advocates of the progressive agenda. I think this must be a unique period in history where the Church is actually persecuting Jesus Christ. Not through fanaticism or over enthusiasm for the propagation of religious practice or legalistic interpretation of doctrine but through its open confederacy with the forces that are fundamentally opposed to Christ’s Kingdom and Rule.
    My experience at the moment is that most Christians are sticking their heads in the sand and are oblivious to what is going on. And I include ministers among this. At a time when they should be informing their congregations and preparing them and feeding them with the Word they are more interested in participating in popular Scottish Government approved and funded campaigns. Well, we must ask where all this is going to end. And there is no happy ending. At some point the progressive train is going to come rolling into the station which is the terminus, the end of the line. It will be unable to stop and all it can do will be to hit the buffers at the end of the line. It will be a terrible sight but from the chaos and carnage Christ’s chosen will still stand. How many Christians are being prepared and equipped for this time?

    1. Just as in Brexit those with power in Westminster are doing all they can to frustrate the ‘No’ vote and force us to stay in the EU in some form, so those in power in the mainstream denominations are doing all they can to keep Britain’s Christian in the progressive camp.

    1. The day will come when progressives realise what they have done, to themselves as well as the rest of us, by welcoming adherents of a religio/political system at variance with Western democracy. Liberals will have destroyed liberalism.

  3. You seem to mix or confuse Christianity with Christendom.

    You also seem to forget that real Christians know that all human beings are created in the image of God and should be respected as creatures of God. So whatever skincolour, whatever personal feeling a person may have, whatever sex a person may have, whatever political ideas a person may have, he or she always shall be a creature to be allowed to exist and as such should always be respected and accepted by believers in the Divine Creator.

    1. Your sentence ‘You also seem to forget that real Christians know that all human beings are created in the image of God and should be respected as creatures of God.’ Is a loaded one.

      I will give you the benefit of the doubt and presume that it was a slip of the pen which caused you to write of ‘real Christians’. I hope that you are not one of those dangerously intolerant people who believe that anyone who disagrees with their theological position cannot be a ‘real Christian’.

      In no way is the fact that all human beings are made in the image of God denied or forgotten in the post. Far from forgetting that all humans are made in the image of God, it is the fact of our nature as image bearers which makes divergence from God’s revealed will so serious. When we go against God’s direction in our life we are marring that very image.

      It is disrespect toward God and man to accept however the image bearer chooses to behave. Being an image bearer of God does not give humanity license to disregard what God has revealed and then act as however we wish.

      1. With ‘real Christians’ I mean those who follow the teachings or doctrines of the Nazarene Jewish rabbi and not the Christians who follow the human doctrines and who worship an other god than the god Jesus worshipped.

        There are enough real Christians who might have other ideas than me or our denomination – so I don’t belong to “those dangerously intolerant people who believe that anyone who disagrees with their theological position” , but there are even more so-called Christians who do not want to accept the words of Jehovah God nor of the sent prophet, Jesus who is the son of man and son of God.

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