The search is over. We can reveal the winner of the Christian Useful Idiot Award. This goes to the most off-the-wall, bat-guano-crazy, mad-as-a-box-of-frogs apologist for Islam.

Just how far down the rabbit hole do you have to go before you admit you are living in a bizarre Wonderland? Not far at all: you need only to take a trip across the North Sea to Sweden.

Long noted for its liberal social attitudes, Sweden has welcomed immigrants from Muslim countries for several decades now. Their multicultural enrichment with little attempt at integration has resulted in increased social tensions.

Cars burn in a riot in a suburb of Stockholm, on February 20, 2017.

The Swedish establishment has responded to this by censoring news which might be seen as harmful to immigrants. Following a Cologne-style mass sexual attack on young girls at a youth music festival, the Stockholm police admitted that these incidents were kept from the public because of fears of ‘playing into the hands of the Sweden Democrats’, which is Sweden’s anti-immigration party.

A survey by Sweden’s National Council on Crime Prevention (Brå) found that sexual molestation incidents involving victims aged 15 or older more than doubled between 2005 and 2017 from 3,400 to 7,400, with rapes nearly doubling from 3,000 to 5,300. A previous report from Brå showed that rapes overall increased by ten per cent in 2017 alone.

The Swedish establishment argues this is due to a redefinition of the crimes and an increase in reporting. Anything but being the result of mass Muslim immigration. Yet immigrants make up 1.6 per cent of the population while according to data from Swedish national TV about 58 per cent of men convicted in Sweden of rape and attempted rape over the past five years were born abroad.See the source image

The reaction of the mainstream circles, especially the church, to all this is sadly predictable: ‘Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.’

It increasingly appears that it will be Sweden, encouraged by the church, that integrates into Islamic culture, not the other way round. Last year, Muslims in the city of Växjö lobbied the local government to allow for the public broadcast of the Islamic call to prayer. Many of the locals were opposed to the idea of the Muslim call to prayer echoing over their city.

See the source image
Bishop Fredrik Modeus

Bishop Fredrik Modeus of the Lutheran state church announced his support for it, saying: ‘I welcome the application and look forward to hearing both church bells and prayer announcements in our city.’

Bishp Modeus, however, is no more than an also-ran in our competition. The accolade must go to Bishop of Stockholm, Gerd Eva Cecilia Brunne.

The lesbian bishop (a contradiction in terms which gains her extra points in the Christian Useful Idiot stakes) has form when it comes to elevating Islam by traducing Christianity. In 2015 she attempted to allocate Muslim prayer spaces in the Seaman’s Church in Freeport in her diocese, demanding that crosses and other Christian symbols be removed in case they offended visiting Muslim seamen.

Thankfully Seamen’s Mission director Kiki Wetterberg had a better grasp on Christianity and refused to comply.

Brunne defended herself by comparing the spaces to multi-faith prayer rooms found in airports or hospitals. That someone in the office of bishop is unable to discern the difference between a church consecrated to the worship of the living Saviour and a room in a secular building set aside where people of any faith and none can meditate, contemplate and pray is alarming.

See the source image
Bishop of Stockholm, Eva Brunne

Undeterred by the backlash, Brunne did not stop there. Last week, on the People and Faith programme broadcast on Sveriges Radio, she stated that she believes that the subject of Christian values has been largely taken over by right-wing populists.

‘We all have to think about which people we are and who we are living with. And in fact, we all have the same value. Although we do not speak the same language or pray to God in the same way or look the same, we have the same value, and we shall live in a country together and have the same rights,’ she said. ‘I say that I sometimes have more in common with Muslims, those I meet, than with the right-wing Christians.’

Brunne went on to argue that Christians have their own extremists, mentioning the Crusades and the witch-burnings that took place centuries ago.

The lesbian ‘bishop’ should consider the reality of Islam in order to establish just how much more she has in common with Muslims than ‘right wing’ Christians. Perhaps she could start by visiting Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Pakistan, Somalia and Afghanistan whilst uncovered, declare her lesbianism and speak her mind openly there. It is possible that she would quickly find out about the rights of women and gays in Islam.

Indonesian student flogged for ‘crime’ of standing too close to male friend

She, like so many ill-informed apologists for Islam, also went on to criticise Christians for historic wrongs while ignoring the 1,400-year history of violent jihad. The Crusades were attempts to undo the consequences of the ferocious military conquest of the Middle East by imperialist Islam.

The Crusades occurred a millennium ago. Today Christians and other minorities are persecuted wherever Islam holds sway. Apostates and homosexuals are murdered and black slavery exists in Muslim countries such as Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Sudan and Mauritania. The Global Slavery Index argues that: ‘On any given day in 2016, an estimated 520,000 men, women, and children were living in modern slavery in the Arab States.’

The mere fact that wretched ‘leaders’ like Brunne exist in the Church is a contributing factor to the ‘tolerance’ of the Islamisation of the West and the continuation of barbaric practices in the rest of the world. When the church falls society falls.

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