Those caring LGBTQ activists seem to be constantly on watch just in case an unsuspecting public eat something which does not bear their stamp of approval. Day after day must be spent in grinding, ceaseless toil examining company directories, adverts, public statements and Twitter feeds searching for the heretics who disagree with their agenda.

All this labour on our behalf to protect us from the horror of consuming a foodstuff which fails their ideological test. And are we thankful? Give your own answer.

Johannes Läderach, Firmenchef der Chocolaterie Läderach AG
Johannes Läderach

There have been attempts to drive Christian bakers out of business and regulate what chicken sandwiches we eat. Now they wish to run ideological purity checks on the chocolate we consume.

After agitation from the usual quarters and months of negative headlines, Swiss Air Lines have knuckled under and decided they will no longer distribute sweets made by Läderach, the Swiss Christian-run chocolate company. Swiss Air Lines ended its partnership with Läderach in November. The chocolate treats produced by the company will be phased out by April 2020.

Läderach has been providing the airline with chocolate boxes for more than ten years. According to Swiss Magazine Beobachter, the contract may well have ended because the chocolate-maker has long supported pro-life rights and marriage between a man and woman. Swiss Air Lines employs many members of the LGBTQ community, the magazine reported.

The chocolate company’s CEO, Johannes Läderach, serves as president of the Swiss branch of the evangelical organisation Christianity for Today (CfT) which advocates for the protection and promotion of Christian life and education. Johannes’s father, Jürg, is on the board of CfT.

In addition Johannes supports the pro-life group March for Life. ‘I understand it if people value a woman’s right to choose more than an unborn child’s right to life,’ he has said. ‘But I ask for understanding for my opinion. I’m allowed to have a different opinion.’

The organisation emphasises that the family, comprising a married man and woman and their children, constitutes the foundation of an intact society, especially if that relationship is nourished by the Bible.

In October, left-wing activists attacked a Läderach store in Basel, Switzerland, using butyric acid. Although naturally occurring in the body, on its own butyric acid has an unpleasant smell and a bitter, pungent taste. The strong smell may cause irritation of the respiratory system, as well as nausea and vomiting. The Basel shop had to close for two days. According to a report by German newspaper Junge Freiheit, seven of the company’s chocolate stores have been vandalised.

Firefighters Outside a Vandalised Läderach Store

Johannes Läderach has said: ‘I accept that my opinions provoke resistance. But it’s not acceptable that employees have to live in fear. Business continued to grow in 2019, but we have customers who no longer buy from us. However, new customers came into the shop, who were sorry that a conflict was being played out on the back of the employees.’

One of Germany’s main homosexual lobby organisations which labelled Laderach as ‘homophobic’ has stated: ‘One way of protesting would be, for example, if hotels or restaurants decided to eliminate Läderach’s products from their range of goods and clearly mark the reason.’ Only a few days later, Swiss Air Lines decided to do just that. Perhaps it was just a coincidence.

Featured Image

A spokesperson for Swiss Air Lines claimed ignorance of the agitation and maintained that the decision was based on commercial reasons. Suppliers for the airline are selected for ‘quality, various economic aspects as well as brand fit’.

In response to the announcement from Swiss Air Lines, the Catholic State Advocate tweeted that supporters of the company should buy the chocolate.

‘Have you heard of this fabulous chocolate company . . . dropped by @FlySWISS for their pro-life views. You know what to do, people . . . buy #Laderach.’


  1. I wonder when society as a whole will come round to seeing how intolerant the homosexual lobby really is. Their intolerance is eroding the fundamental values of our society. If these values are replaced I am sure it will not be with ones which are better or more tolerant. There is a huge warning for us in what LGBTQ groups are doing. I wonder if we’ll heed it?

    1. The LGBT lobby are the spear carriers of a long term progressive campaign to fundamentally change Western society. They wish to dig out the foundations which have sustained us over centuries and replace them with their image of what is right and good and proper. The new foundations, however, are unrelated to reality and exist only as wishful hopes, just thinking that everyone will be nice and kind and gentle if all social structures are removed is a dangerous fantasy. Human beings are complex characters and societies are incredibly intricate structures which need clear demarcation lines if we are to co-exist harmoniously. Take away those demarcation lines and society will fall apart.

      Sorry to seem so negative, I’m merely trying to emphasise the importance of resisting the attempt to deliberately trash what has taken centuries to create.

      1. Good article and good post. I always understood that you choose to be offended. It appears that many in these times spend an inordinate amount of time in so choosing. What a waste of one’s life.

      2. They not only choose to be offended they seem to spend a great deal of time hunting for things to be offended by. How much effort must have been expended a few years ago by a pair of homosexuals in trying to find one of the rare B&B’s which refused to permit non-married couples to sleep together? Finding the one Christian baker who wan’t make a same sex marriage propaganda cake or the florist who won’t provide her services for a same sex marriage takes time and effort. You have to admire their diligence if nothing else.

  2. It’s a small thing Campbell, but I have sent a request to Laderach, to find out what UK based online outlet they would recommend, for me to be able to purchase from them and have indicated why. If the progressive left can take business away, then we at least can put some of it back.

    1. The ‘anti-everything which fails to accord with our ideas of ideological correctness mob’, a mob who are determined to cow everyone else into submission to their way of thinking.

  3. As the parade marched past a person was overheard commenting

    Look at our Billy – he is the only one in step

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