One of the more alarming, and illustrative, videos to emerge from the chaos sweeping the USA shows a pack of raging BLM activists surrounding a young woman outside a Washington restaurant. The mob are attempting to intimidate her by screaming in her face because she refuses to raise her fist in solidarity with their chants that ‘white silence is violence’.

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Lauren B Victor haranuged by BLM mob

Around 11 seconds into the video, one of the aggressive rabble jabs with her finger and begins yelling, ‘Are you a Christian? Are you a Christian?’ In their eyes, being a Christian is a potential cause of someone refusing to go along with their demands. Being a Christian is seen as a cause for offence by the mob. They didn’t yell, ‘Are you a Muslim?’ or ‘Are you a Hindu?’ Nor did they make any non-religious accusations such as, ‘Are you a racist?’ or ‘Are you a Republican?’

This was not a lone example of aggressively anti-Christian behaviour by American SJWs. Demonstrators in Portland, as well as setting fire to an American flag, burned a Bible. One woman warming her hands at the flames is heard to say, ‘Best use for a Bible’ (9 secs). A street preacher in Seattle was violently threatened by masked SJWs. The threats continue.

Why should Christians rouse the ire of social justice warriors? After all, Christianity is the actual religion of peace: we are taught to love not just our neighbours but even our enemies (Matthew 5:43-48).

The anger against Christianity is not, as some Christians argue, that SJWs misunderstand Christianity or that they are lashing out at easy targets. SJWs actually understand Christianity at a deeper level than many Christians; they recognise that our world-views are entirely different.

The SJW is not just someone who cares about the disadvantaged and wants to right injustice. The SJW fights to right the perceived injustices experienced by specific identity groups, focusing on issues such as gender, race, immigration and LGBT rights. In fighting to right those perceived injustices they have a wider goal: in order to right wrongs they think it is necessary completely to reorder society.

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SJWs usually root their ideas in Critical Theory (CT). According to CT humanity is composed of two groups: the oppressed and the oppressors. Those in the identity groups considered to be oppressed, such as women, people of colour and the LGBTQ+ community, are seen as victims of social structures which empower the oppressors. The ultimate oppressor is someone who isn’t part of any of the oppressed groups: the straight, white Christian.

Because the structure of society is understood to be the ultimate reason for anyone being marginalised, only a widespread social revolution overturning everything considered to be ‘normal’ in Western society can to fix society’s problems. SJWs understand that the fountainhead of that which we consider normal to be Christianity.

By using emotion-laden terms like victim and victimiser, oppressed and oppressor, SJWs create a culture of conflict and violence. Those identifying with the ‘oppressed’ will naturally feel anger towards those seen as ‘oppressors’. Christianity, in providing the foundational structures of an oppressive society, is not just wrong but wicked.

Further, Christians believe truth is objectively verifiable. This flatly contradicts the SJW claim that what really matters is ‘lived experience’. Christians believe truth exists outside any individual’s opinion, because truth has been revealed to us by God himself. No human has special access to truth, or a ‘more valid’ truth, merely because they belong to a particular group in society.

For the SJW, asserting that there is objective truth independent of power structures is just one more way of using power to oppress people. According to one feminist writer, reason is dangerous because it ‘validates the logic of white supremacy as natural and positions the desire to fight oppression as excessive and outrageous’.

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She continues, ‘The truth is, this constant emphasis on rationalism is a load of toxic garbage (and this is me being gentle with my words) . . . Being rational can often mean being willing to accept some aspects of oppression and watering down my politics.’

Christianity is a truth-based faith and demonstrates that truth is more than a function of an individual’s lived experience. Especially in the teaching of Jesus and His resurrection, Christianity emphasises the centrality of objective truth: if Christ is not raised from the dead our faith is futile (I Corinthians 15:17). SJWs realise that objective truth is a threat to their entire position. They see objective truth as a weapon to deny the authority of people’s lived experiences so that Christians can retain power.

In SJW eyes the Bible, which gave birth to Western civilisation, is a tool of oppression against all marginalised groups. Their hostility to Christianity is driven by the belief that the Bible supports slavery, the oppression of women and discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community. The Bible speaks about these matters in a way SJWs take to be demeaning. They are repelled by the idea that any morally upstanding person would look to such a book as an authoritative guide. In this SJWs believe Christianity is not just wrong, it’s evil.

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Today’s secular social justice movements are in no way just concerned with helping specific marginalised people but with overturning an entire society. We shouldn’t be surprised a BLM protester would scream accusingly in a woman’s face, ‘Are you a Christian?’ It makes complete sense from their perspective. SJWs realise that biblical Christians are a major roadblock on their way to a new society. It’s important for Christians to grasp this, for things are going to get worse before they get better.


  1. “…They are repelled by the idea that any morally upstanding person would look to such a book as an authoritative guide. In this SJWs believe Christianity is not just wrong, it’s evil…..It makes complete sense from their perspective….”

    Do you think there’s still anything in their thinking that’s as rational as that sounds? or are they maybe just screaming “it burns us, preciousss”…

    1. It is a mixture of both. There are the more clear sighted amongst SJWs, often in positions of authority, who see the danger that a Bible based Christianity presents to their movement. For the mass of them who never really analyse anything in depth it is an instinctive reaction to threat.

  2. Either everything is shifting sand, or there is a Rock amongst the sand.
    Different types of sand will unite, celebrating it’s ability to shift.
    The Rock is the Cornerstone, once stood upon, we become alive stones.

  3. You are absolutely right to say that “things are going to get worse before they get better.” The spiritual forces that are opposed to light and life are doing everything in their power to destroy Christianity. Little do those who persecute God’s people realise the tribulation period will result in the victory of our Lord and Saviour. “Behold, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to everyone according to what he has done” (Revelation 2212.

    1. I would be much happier if more Christians realised the situation we confront today, and the power we have as we face up to what will be increasing attacks on the faithful.

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