Will they ever stop? Whenever radicals claim another victory in dismantling social norms such as celebrating homosexual behaviour, imposing same sex marriage and coercing us to take pride in the latest milestone, individuals of a more traditional bent think this time they’ve gone too far. And we have always been wrong. After every victory those who are intent on dismantling Western culture move on to the next battlefront.

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Is it possible that the transgender movement is a push too far, as some hope? I doubt it. It is apparent that the transgender movement has the characteristics of a cult which will not stop until it is forced to stop.

Contagion It is readily evident that transgenderism is a form of ‘social contagion’. This term refers to ‘the spread of ideas, feelings and, some think, neuroses through a community or group by suggestion, gossip, imitation, etc’. The present flood of gender dysphoria cases, previously an exceedingly rare condition, has coincided with a rapid increase in supportive media attention suggesting social contagion. The media are teaching our children to doubt their sex.

Transgender survivor Walt Heyer pulls no punches in describing the proponents of the transgender mania. He says: ‘This is child abuse. . . We are manufacturing transgender kids. We are manufacturing their depression, their anxiety, and it’s turned into a huge industry that people are profiting from after kids’ lives are completely torn apart.’ He concludes: ‘There is absolutely nothing good about affirming somebody in a cross-gender identity because it destroys their life. . . It’s insanity.’

No Evidence To the social justice warrior evidence is immaterial. The damage to society and individuals caused by the flood of transgender propaganda is unmistakable. Children and adolescents whose lives have been ruined by inappropriate treatment are walking testimonies to the harm done by ideologically driven trans-activists.

Like other forms of fundamentalist belief, this revolution is anti-science. The concept of changing one’s biological sex is, of course, nonsense because sex is determined by unalterable chromosomes. A male can change his hormone levels and undergo surgery to better imitate the opposite sex, but a male on the day of his conception will remain a male on the day of his death. The same applies to females.

Rare congenital disorders which can result in ambiguity with regard to sex do exist, but there is no ‘spectrum’ along which sex is determined. Biological sex is binary. Discussing the belief of social justice advocates that biological sex is a social construct, Dr Colin Wright of University of California, Santa Barbara, writes: ‘As a biologist, it is hard to understand how anyone could believe something so outlandish. It’s a belief on a par with the belief in a flat Earth.’ He goes on: ‘The claim that classifying people’s sex upon anatomy and genetics “has no basis in science” has itself no basis in reality, as any method exhibiting a predictive accuracy of over 99.98 per cent would place it among the most precise methods in all the life sciences.’

But so strong is the ideology that the absence of genuine evidence is simply ignored, and faux ‘evidence’, usually based on emotional states, is created to validate the mania.

Actual Scientific Evidence ‘Gender identity’ is a psychological phenomenon, not an immutable characteristic, and not found anywhere in the body, brain or DNA. The common claim that a patient has a ‘girl’s brain in a boy’s body’ has no scientific evidence. Every cell of a male’s brain has a X and a Y chromosome and every cell of a female’s brain has two X chromosomes, regardless of whether the individual ‘feels like’ the opposite sex. Any ‘evidence’ of an innate gender identity is fictitious.

Claims that gender-affirming treatment has a positive effect on the long-term psychological health of those suffering from gender dysphoria lack evidence. Such people do have high rates of suicide before treatment, but a study from Sweden, a transgender ‘affirming’ country, indicates that undergoing gender reassignment surgery fails to reduce the suicide rate for these patients. Their suicide rate was found to be 19 times the rate of the general population.

Gender Identity Expression

Hacsi Horvath has personal experience of transgender treatment: ‘At 12, I believed I would grow up to be a woman. I was mistaken.’ Now a lecturer at the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of California at San Francisco, he writes on the concept of gender identity: ‘In my opinion – which is based upon extensive research, as well as  my own 13-year-long experience in pretending to be a woman – GD (gender dysphoria) is only superficially concerned with one’s sex. It’s more a disturbance of identity . . . GD is not sui generis, unique, super-special! It is well within the spectrum of conditions efficaciously treated with transdiagnostic approaches. It is as though the “transition” promoters of mainstream transgenderism had some kind of racket going on.’

Cult The transgender movement is a cult-like ideology with elements of both the political and the religious. The devotion to the ideology is so deep that anyone who hesitates in supporting transition and sex-reassignment surgery is castigated as a bigoted Neanderthal who needs to be crushed in the public arena or in court. Politicians such as the SNP’s Joanna Cherry QC who question self-identification as sufficient grounds for a man to be considered a woman, or vice versa, can find themselves demoted and requiring police protection.

Will they be halted? Progressives are not going to stop just because the evidence is against them: they will keep pushing on. It is important that they be stopped. There are still areas of sexual morality to be destroyed. What will it be – polygamy, incest, the age of consent? Don’t think they wouldn’t go that far – thirty years ago no-one forecast we would be where we are today.

Sign, Stop, Halt, Warning, Hand, Forbidden, Symbol - Halt ...

Ordinary individuals must speak out, raise awareness, ask awkward questions of trans-compliant politicians, schools and especially churches. The Church of England has issued instructions on how to celebrate gender change. While other churches oppose the SNP’s destructive Gender Recognition Act, the Church of Scotland remains silent. Our silence merely enables the cultural saboteurs.

14 thoughts on “THE TRANSGENDER CULT

  1. I think we have to come to terms with the fact, that we indeed are ‘on the wrong side of history’ with regard to progressive victories over the last half century or so. It’s rather like the much maligned domino theory, but this time fact, that one traditional (read normal and orthodox at that point in time) shibboleth after another has fallen to post-modernism in its various equality and relativism guises. Each and every time, we social conservatives are wrong-footed in our belief that it couldn’t get any worse and yet always does. We have lost every major battle in this campaign and show no signs of changing that outcome anytime soon.

    We have and continue to be outmanoeuvred by the progressive liberal-left, they have an armoury second to none of social media influencers, equality legislation and leadership of cultural, academic and political institutions, that can bring down a world of hurt on anyone that does not agree with the current orthodoxy. At best, people of our persuasion are bullied into silence and compliance, at worst, they lose jobs, careers, reputations and liberty. Even mainstream media, which seems mainly full of cosmopolitan liberals espousing centre-left activism are not immune and in fact merely follow where the extreme progressives lead.

      1. Excellent article Campbell – thank you.
        As a former Biologist (many years ago) I completely agree that with very few exceptions, your chromosome structure determines your sex and no amount of obfuscation and misinformation will change this.

        The ‘Woke’ event reminds me of the Red Guard’s actions, during the cultural revolution. Having lived and worked in China for many years and spoken with adults who survived this dreadful event, the resemblance is quite close. The four ‘olds’ were the RG’s ideology – old culture, old ideas, old customs, and old habits. Sound familiar?

        I once had the honor of meeting with a gentleman from Shanghai who worked as the General Manager for one of the main western oil companies. Come the Red Guard and he was imprisoned in a garage (the type where you park your car) and his wife and two children sent off into the countryside for ‘re-education’. His family did not return. I was most impressed by his lack of anger and bitterness.
        The Red guard was only defeated when Mao introduced the military.

        You can read about the cultural revolution and make your own comparison – an excellent book is ‘China – Alive in a Bitter Sea’ by Fox Butterworth.

        The Rev Peter Mullen writes well in todays ‘Conservative Woman on the demise of the C.of E. So what can one do?

        Perhaps if Gail Tverberg who writes an excellent ‘energy’ blog in is correct, then the ‘Woke’ crowd will have something far more pressing on which to spend their time rather than their current agenda?

        Maybe we would all benefit from reading and trying to understand John’s writings in the last book of the New Testament!

      2. Your comparison of woke culture with Mao’s Cultural Revolution is chilling. If we really compare them there are so many similarities it is chilling.

  2. Maybe Christian social conservatives are not meant to hold this back. I’m in no way saying we should condone, ignore or even not speak out whenever and wherever we can, but the tide is flowing inexorably in one direction on this.
    Consider whether this is supposed to be happening. Should we not expect things to deteriorate in the worst ways imaginable as we draw nearer to the end of man’s days?
    What is happening in the world these days gives me a sense of urgency for saving those left to be saved.

    1. Thank you for this perspective on our present situation in the West. Without speculating on the end times I would reiterate what Mordecai said to Queen Esther ‘Who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?’ Things will get worse and, as you say, we should be urgent in spreading the gospel.

  3. It seems no time since the so-called “New Atheists” used to preen themselves on their supposedly superior logic and rationality.

    Who could have expected our culture to arrive so soon at a place where logic and reason and even evidence no longer cut it at all.

    May the latest developments concentrate the atheists’ minds, and the minds of all that have been undecided in the fight, to see that reason just does not function without God.

    How long can science stand, and how long can the judiciary?

    1. Christianity is built on truth as we see from Jn 14:6, I Cor 15:14 and many other passages. When we reject the teaching of Scripture there are inevitable consequences. The abandonment of truth gets us into so many problems. Whilst Oprah Winfrey may think that there is such a thing as ‘Your truth’ there is only truth and when we reject that simple concept we end up in a world of trouble.

      The minds of the unsure and undecided are where we should be reaching out to. Building a coalition of those who see the dangers to which our society is exposed is necessary if we are to resist our cultural revolutionaries and as we do that we can reach out with the gospel.

  4. Sexual expression has come to be called legitimate in almost any form. Those who are confused as to their identity and seek acceptance will find some to embrace them and give them ‘love’.
    Freedom from inhibition followed the contraceptive pill, penicillin treated venereal disease, then HIV challenged the homophilic. Now Covid-19 spreads through the close embrace and may not be stopped by vaccines alone.
    Intimacy between man and woman in a life-long relationship provides the model for an effective ‘bubble’ which embraces the family, It is a lesson which coronavirus should teach us. Once, it was the law of our land.

      1. For those of us who live in Scotland it is quite likely to be a hate crime if the SNP’s proposed legislation gets approval later today. I wonder how long it will take for Christians to have their collars felt for upholding biblical principles.

  5. You confirm the Werther Effect, ofJohann Wolfgang von Goethe’s book “The Sorrows of Young Werther”. This 18th century novel was about a young man caught up in a love triangle, who committed suicide. The popular novel generated copy-cat suicides even using the same pistol. One woman threw herself into a river clutching a copy of the book. Earlier, there was the 1518 “Dancing Plague”. In 1962 there was the Tanganyika ‘Laughter Epidemidc’. In 2016 there was mass hysteria at Elsa Perea Flores school in Peru. But now social media has got a few billion susceptible teenagers in its grip and they are being manipulated with a small group with a hidden agenda. What’s going on with anorexic people on-line is a classic modern example.
    Cannuck210’s points are powerful.
    This Transgender Cult is dangerous.

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