An insomniac Scots Calvinist looks at the Church and the world and wonders how we managed to get ourselves into such a mess. Now free from ecclesiastical duties I am able to return to shaking my head in wonder and blogging.

The title of this blog is not, as some have suggested, an allusion to the concept that we can see “the world in a grain of sand.” Nothing so poetic. I was merely thinking of being a minor irritant in a barely sentient mollusc which may, however improbably, produce a pearl.

I have been asked if it would be possible to use the material on this blog elsewhere. Use whatever you want, and if you are kind enough an attribution to the original source would be appreciated.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Dr Campbell-Jack,

    Your recent conservativewoman article on blasphemy exeptionalism expressed what is so infuriatingly obvious to many of us. I have long held on to the hope that this daily cognitive dissonance will prove unsustainable for our ruling class in the long term.

    Alas, I think it is probably us that are more vulnerable to brain damage with the repeated banging of our heads against the wall.

    Many thanks,

    1. I hope I am being overly pessimistic but I believe our ruling elites are a lost cause. However, as we look around Europe and elsewhere we can see signs that the ordinary people are realising just how alienated our elites are from the general population and are growing increasingly restive. The next few years could prove very interesting indeed.

  2. Dr Campbell-Jack,

    Thank you for your blogs! I have appreciated your contributions on “The Conservative Woman”, and have just found my way from there to your website. I am impressed by the attractiveness of your site and by the extent of your sources of information. May God bless you and your work!

    David R Jackson

    1. Always glad to accept a migrant from TCW. Your encouragement is appreciated. encouragment is one of the more neglected gifts of the Spirit.

  3. Dear Campbell, I’ve enjoyed the recent series about what can Christians do in an increasingly secular world. It reminds me of Bonhoffer’s thoughts regarding Christians not in fact retreating from the secular world, but rather to act within it. I feel increasingly that I want to retreat from what seems a modern day Soddom and Gomorrah, yet perhaps there is something in what both you and Bonhoffer articulate that gives me pause for thought and indeed hope for the future. Thankyou.

    1. I am no Bonhoeffer, I have neither his intelligence or courage. Many of the Germans who resisted the Nazis were Christians. One who made an impression on me was Helmuth James Graf von Moltke the leader of the Kriesau Circle. He was hanged on 23rd January 1945.

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