Those caring LGBTQ activists seem to be constantly on watch just in case an unsuspecting public eat something which does not bear their stamp of approval. Day after day must be spent in grinding, ceaseless toil examining company directories, adverts, public statements and Twitter feeds searching for the heretics who disagree with their agenda.

All this labour on our behalf to protect us from the horror of consuming a foodstuff which fails their ideological test. And are we thankful? Give your own answer.

Johannes Läderach, Firmenchef der Chocolaterie Läderach AG
Johannes Läderach

There have been attempts to drive Christian bakers out of business and regulate what chicken sandwiches we eat. Now they wish to run ideological purity checks on the chocolate we consume. Continue reading “CHOCOLATE MUST BE IDEOLOGICALLY PURE”


A blithely unaware Church is under existential threat in the West. The problems occupying the Church today are superficial in comparison with the underlying threat.

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Globalisation This is the worldwide process of growing collaboration and amalgamation among people, companies, and governments. Whilst primarily an economic process of interaction and integration, globalisation has profound social and cultural implications. Continue reading “TWO RADICALLY OPPOSED VIEWS OF SOCIETY”


When we dump a Christian worldview with its standards of truth and beauty for today’s wacky world of post-modern progressivism with its relativist concepts of truth and value, we are forced to ask profound questions, such as:

Is eating a banana

a)      Art

b)      The destruction of a work of art

c)      An exercise in self-publicity

In today’s art world, which has become a spearhead of the progressive movement, the answer of course is d) All of the above.

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                                                                     A $120,000 work of art



Admit it, apocalyptic has always featured in church life. Both Old and New Testaments contain revelations of the dire consequences which are about to happen unless we fallen humans get our act together and begin to follow God’s teachings.

The history of the church is full of individuals and movements who imagined that they too were prophets of God and have whipped people up into a frenzy of fear about what they are utterly convinced will happen. The fact that their prophecies don’t transpire and that dates for the final apocalypse have to be constantly readjusted deters them not a whit.extincton rebellion 03

Today, having abandoned the Christian faith, we have secular prophets of apocalypse just as frenzied as Christian millenarians, and just as full of faith that they are amongst the righteous and that those who don’t list to them are sinners of the darkest hue. Extinction Rebellion is a quasi-religious secular sect which guarantees us that the end really is nigh this time, honest. Continue reading “BILLIONS WILL DIE”


Edward Gibbon famously found a major cause of the decline and fall of the Roman empire in the rise and influence of Christianity. He argued that the milksop Christians, with their turning the other cheek and practising forgiveness, sapped the strength and vitality of the vigorous sturdy pagans who had created a mighty empire by slaughtering anyone who stood in their way.See the source image

Today, at a time which seems increasingly like the decline and fall of the West, we face the opposite situation. This time society is crumbling not because of Christianity but in opposition to Christianity. There is a determination amongst the progressives who control society to shrug off all vestiges of the culture created by Christians. These include the distinction between male and female which is fundamental to society, and the family which is the bedrock of Western civilisation. Continue reading “MOTHERLESS”


Kristie Higgs was a pastoral assistant at Farmor’s School in Fairford, Glouscestershire. Pastoral assistants are poorly paid and low on the educational totem pole, but without them our school system would be even worse than it already is. Kristie’s work was to provide emotional support and care for the most needy and troubled students in the 1,000-pupil secondary school. She was dedicated to her job and had happily carried it out without complaint for seven years.

Kristie Higgs
                                                                                                           Kristie Higgs

That was until she learned about ‘No Outsiders’, being included in the curriculum of her son’s Church  of England primary school. Created by gay assistant head teacher Andrew Moffat in 2014 to promote tolerance of sexual minorities ‘No Outsiders’ teaches the ins and outs of same-sex families, inclusivity, and diversity to children as young as five. Andrew Moffat MBE is currently shortlisted for World’s Best Teacher award.

Kristie Higgs invited her Facebook followers to join in signing a popular petition issued by Voice for Justice UK against making the programme compulsory in primary schools and withdrawing parents’ right to object. She also made it clear that she was uncomfortable with the content of a couple of books on sex education in regular use. Continue reading “IDENTITY TRUMPS MORALITY”


The government, with the vigorous backing of the BBC, is proposing to alter the divorce laws of England and Wales. Justice Secretary David Gauke has announced that the government intends to introduce legislation ‘as soon as Parliamentary time allows’. The new law will enshrine ‘no-fault’ divorce into the law of England and Wales.See the source image

In yet another instance of public consultations being mere window dressing, the government has blithely ignored the views of the people. That there is a growing and dangerous disenchantment with politicians amongst the general public can in large part be laid at the door of politicians who treat the democratic wishes of the people with contempt. Public consultation has become a meaningless charade. Continue reading “NO-FAULT DIVORCE”