Reporting from Vietnam, the war correspondent Peter Arnett quoted an American major saying, ‘It became necessary to destroy the town to save it’. Today’s liberals are as ludicrous as those they poured scorn on yesterday.

In the latest advance of the LGBTQ movement earlier this week, Swiss voters decided in a referendum to back hate speech legislation making supposedly ‘homophobic’ speech a criminal offence.

Protesters demonstrate in favour of same-sex marriage in Bern

In an ironic and intellectually fraudulent move, Swiss government authorities assured voters that even though free speech is being curtailed it is not actually a curtailment of free speech, which according to the Swiss is an inviolable principle.

In other words, they say that although there is speech which will carry criminal sanctions, this is not a limitation of free speech. Continue reading “RELIGIOUS LIBERTY ERODED IN SWITZERLAND”


As far back as 1993 it was mooted that there was a ‘gay gene’. Although the study in which this was proposed has never been replicated, such is the desire to find a ‘scientific’ reason for homosexual behaviour that the gay gene has persisted as a reference in science news, popular science writings, and in press releases and editorials about biomedical research.See the source image

A recent massive report on genetics by scientists based at the Broad Institute at MIT and Harvard and published on 30 April this year in ‘Science’,  analysed data on DNA and sexual experiences from almost half a million people.

As reported in the Washington Post, Eric Vilain, director of the Center for Genetic Medicine Research at Children’s National Health System, said the study marks the end of ‘the simplistic concept of the gay gene’. Continue reading “THERE IS NO ‘GAY GENE’”


Crowdfunding is a mechanism to raise money online for a multitude of causes.

Alex Salmond used it to raise more than £100,000 in three days to fund a judicial review of the Scottish government’s handling of sexual harassment allegations. Sadiq Khan, mayor of London, is amongst many civic leaders to use it to pay for libraries, swimming pools and other social infrastructure projects.See the source image

Lorenzo Maggiore looked to raise $15,000 for his Bug-A-Salt miniature shotgun which uses salt for ammo to kill annoying insects. He raised $577,636.

Zack Brown sought $10 for his Potato Salad project. Despite the vagueness of the project, ‘Basically I’m just making potato salad. I haven’t decided what kind yet’, he managed to raise $55,492.

It would seem any person or project, political, social or personal, can gain money from crowdfunding – except biblical Christians. Continue reading “QUIET AUSTRALIANS FIND THEIR VOICE”


The culture spreads. Television programmes throughout the world become more homogenised. No matter where you go, you find the same shows, just different languages. More importantly, with the spread of the media culture we get the spread of the social culture.

The X Factor is now screened on four continents. From Latvia to Indonesia, there is no escaping the franchise. The tiny Mediterranean island of Malta has its own version of X Factor. For once, instead of the usual hyped enthusiasm and expressions of wonder at winning, one Maltese contestant created a genuine moment of controversy.

                                                 Countries Where X Factor has Franchises or is Screened

On Saturday night Matthew Grech, a singer and vocal coach, appeared on X Factor Malta. As per the usual format, there was a video interview segment played before his performance. A member of the River of Love Christian Fellowship, Grech used X Factor as a platform. He ‘came out’. Continue reading “SINGER ‘COMES OUT’ ON X FACTOR – IMMEDIATE BACKLASH”


previous post brought the following comment from Amanda:

‘Many people are not religious or spiritual; and if you would like your beliefs respected, you should respect others as well. Religious ideology does not belong in the law.

Those who have “unfavourable” views of homosexuality (ignorant bigots) are not tolerated because they are what’s wrong with society.
Can you give one non-religious reason that people should not have legal rights to pursue homosexuality?’

Some aspects of the comment should be noted.

The mention of ‘legal rights’ is a straw argument. No one is proposing criminalising homosexuality in the West.

Continue reading “RESPONSE TO A CHALLENGE”


There are a number of headlines such as “Islamists Offended – Remain Calm” which you would never dream of reading. How could one write a serious headline about an article alleging the BBC has a bias against homosexuality?

There can be few more willing to point out the follies of the BBC than A Grain of Sand. However, Dr Brett Mills of the University of East Anglia (where else) has gone further than even we would have dreamed possible.

Previously Dr Mills, a senior lecturer in the School of Film, Television and Media Studies, has criticised the makers of television wildlife documentaries for invading the animals’ right to privacy. David Attenborough clearly has no right to film bears in their hibernating state without previously having gained written permission, from the bears.

When you picked up the current copy of the European Journal of Cultural Studies you would have read Dr Mills criticising the BBC for not having enough homosexuality in its wildlife programmes. Even worse the BBC are supposedly taking editorial decisions which indoctrinate the populace through its nature documentaries. Bet you never thought that David Attenbourgh chuntering on about the solenodon (a sort of large poisonous hedgehog found in Cuba) was a propagandist for homophobia in the pay of the BBC.

Sir David AttenboroughAnother Homophobe Unmasked
Sir David Attenborough
Another Homophobe Unmasked

Mills suggests that forms of animal behaviour which are commonly missing in nature programming, such as homosexuality and same sex parenting, demonstrate how ideas of sexuality, monogamy and family persist within human debates. By constantly portraying heterosexuality amongst animals the BBC is shaping and enforcing cultural attitudes: “The descriptions of animal behaviour, because of their association with the ‘natural’, play a telling role in the policing of human behaviour.”

Isn’t it obvious that there is rampant homosexuality in the animal kingdom. All those flamingoes in flaming pink standing around in their “I’m a little tea-pot” pose, they are as camp as Julian Clary after too many cocktails.


Things have come to a pretty pass when we look across the Channel and think to yourself, “Mm, those Frenchies are so much better at this.” Yet yesterday afternoon whilst watching our elected representatives in Parliament debate homosexual marriage it had to be admitted that the Frogs are so much better.

The French Make Their point
     The French Make Their Point

Opposition in Parliament and elsewhere is based on the defence of marriage. This fails to acknowledge that we began to sell the pass on marriage fifty years ago back in the sixties. Slice by slice we have reduced its significance until today we have reached the stage where marriage is a minority choice and a conservative Prime Minister refuses to bolster marriage in the tax system.

Totalitarian progressives get their way in part by the use of mawkish sentimentality. Every time they wish to make a dent in society they bring forward an emotional case. Reason plays little part in their advance. Divorce, abortion, homosexual rights, multiculturalism, these have all been advanced on the back of appeals to sentiment. Yesterday Parliament set in train vast social change on the back of sentimental sob stories and spurious appeals to equality and fairness.

The French in their opposition to homosexual marriage have actually thought things through. It is no coincidence that it was a Frenchman, the philosopher, mathematician and first wearer of a wrist watch Blaise Pascal, who said Travaillons donc à bien penser. Voilà le principè de la morale. “Let us labour, therefore, to think well. That is the principle of morality.”

French opposition to the homosexual restructuring of social norms, unlike the British, ranges over the whole of society from ultra Catholics to avant garde socialist head-bangers, Jews and Muslims, dedicated immoralists and Reformed pietists. This is because they have not just reacted emotionally or sentimentally but have thought about the matter and united around the concept that human nature exits and follows laws in its constitution.

What our government is intent on doing is creating a new law of nature. That this has gone unremarked is due to the makeshift nature of the education system in the UK where systematic thought is not encouraged. In today’s UK philosophers are academics who by and large  are  apologists for progressive power enlargement. Recourse to systematic thought is rare in an intellectually impoverished UK where pandering to homototalitarianism has stifled honest investigation.

Attempting to redefine a triangle as a plane curve everywhere equidistant from a given fixed point, the centre, demonstrates an abysmal ignorance of geometry. To attempt to redefine marriage as the union of two people of the same sex demonstrates abysmal ignorance of moralphilosophy.

The French grounded their protest against homosexual marriage and adoption philosophically, in the constitution and nature of the human person—something even some France’s weirdest leftists publicly acknowledged by participating in the recent mass protest.

In an article in Le Monde in November a group of prominent intellectuals subscribed to a joint statement rejecting homosexual marriage and adoption. Top of the list was Chantal Delsol a member of the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences of the Institut de France. She is also an outspoken advocate of a federal Europe, hardly a knee-jerk right wing position.

Chantal Delsol
               Chantal Delsol

In Unlearned Lessons back in 2000 she wrote:

The norms of a given time and place build upon the essential determinative traits of the human condition: by nature man is a sexed being; by culture, he institutes the matriarchal or patriarchal family. Late modernity rejects these various natural and cultural determinations, either because it still clings to the utopian idea that humanity has no inherent shape, or because it rejects previous cultural models because they are all relative.

More recently writing of the domination of emotionalism in politically correct thinking she said:

[O]ur era overflows with treacly sentiment. It is almost as if the feelings that were once associated with a certain type of piety have contaminated the whole population …. Seeking the good while remaining indifferent to the truth gives rise to a morality of sentimentality. Reactive judgment, deprived of thoughtful reflection, engenders fanatical emotion and an absolute priority of feeling over thought. In fact, it is not actually a question of sentiment, since sentiment supposes a historical and rationally consistent background. We are dealing here less with a reaction of the heart than a gut reaction.

Clearly the spirit of Pascal lives on, at least in France. Another prominent philosopher signing the article was Sylviane Agacinski, wife of former socialist Prime Minister Lionel Jospin.

Sylviane Agacinski With An Ex-Politician
Sylviane Agacinski With Her Husband

In her latest book she caused a stir by describing “queer theory” as a “false discipline” because it taught that the differences between men and women were merely a form of social construction. For this reason she rejected homosexual marriage and adoption.

Through such argumentation, philosophers from all parts of the political spectrum provided the France-wide protest its conceptual foundation which was accepted by people of every religious and political perspective. Meanwhile in the UK we have mawkish appeals by those who are for homosexual marriage, and fighting on a long lost battleground for those against it.