The EU is an island in a sea of troubles of its own making, yet its supporters seem blithely unaware. They continue in the conviction that they know best. As we say in Scotland, they think ‘Everybody’s oot o’ step but oor Jimmy’. At least that is what they assure themselves.

In the real world they appear either tone deaf to what is going on around them, or they are aware of the growing discontent amongst the peoples of Europe and are determined to crush it no matter what the cost.



On the EU’s western flank, instead of attempting to facilitate a harmonious British departure to the benefit of both parties, they are enmeshed in negotiations in which they are determined to squeeze every concession possible from a vacillating British government in order to warn other countries not to consider leaving. Continue reading “BUREAUCRACY VERSUS DEMOCRACY”



The latest article in The Conservative Woman looks at the ultimate feminist, Justin Trudeau.


Canada’s Liberals are sinking in the polls. This is mainly due to discontent with their leader, prime minister Justin Trudeau. At the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017, the Liberals were averaging a lead of 20% over the Conservatives. Today, when all polls are averaged out, they are 4 or 5% behind.

The Liberal Party of Canada has invested heavily in the persona of their photogenic leader Justin Trudeau. The good looks, and the easy charm which comes from a privileged background, and instant name recognition, made him seem the ideal candidate for a social media world. However, a combination of overexposure and poor decision making since the election have caused Canadians to see him as looking more and more like a silly pretty boy rather than a serious politician.


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Conventional marriage is easy to knock, especially now that it is falling out of favour. Despite liberalisation of legislation about who can get married fewer people are getting married today than at any time in more than a century. This is matched by a corresponding increase in divorce rates.

It is fashionable to jeer at marriage as ‘nothing more than a bit of paper’ which is totally unnecessary in order to prove that you love someone. Yet, ordinary men and women committing themselves to living together for the rest of their lives are engaged in an adventure more demanding and fulfilling than anything the supposedly romantic liberal will ever attempt.Wedding Ring Pictures 1Despite the trend for couples to make up their own marriage vows, which range from the mawkish, through the sentimental to the downright bizarre, some couples still choose the traditional, idealistic, hard to keep marriage vows.

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Strange place Sweden. At one time the country a beacon of progressive harmony, today a nation destroying itself on the altar of multicultural chaos. The attitude of Church and state to Christianity has drastically altered in recent years.


It is a long time since the Church of Sweden was a strong and stern state church. Swedes were born into it and, until 1951, were not allowed to leave. Today, however, according to the World Values Survey Sweden is one of the world’s most secular countries and its state church has little to do with Christianity or Jesus.  Continue reading “SWEDEN ABANDONS ITS BEARINGS”


In the British sit com Dad’s Army Private Fraser, the gloomy Scottish undertaker, has a catch phrase, ‘We’re doomed’.

‘We’re doomed I tell ye. We’re all doomed’

It is easy to despair and think that we are doomed and that progressives have taken over the Western world.

Our media is painfully politically correct and relentlessly pushes a progressive agenda. If politicians utter a word out of line they are quickly brought to heel by a braying Twitter mob. When students demand safe spaces and trigger warnings and university authorities hasten to appease them it’s apparent our universities have become havens of progressivism.

Does this mean that progressivism has won the day? Not necessarily. If you succeed in shutting down public debate it could mean that you have won. It could also mean that you are well on the way to losing. Continue reading “ARE WE DOOMED?”

Is The Bible More Violent Than The Koran?

As a result of textual analysis it has been asserted that the Old and New Testaments are both more violent than the Koran. The latest video looks at this assertion. Can it really be true that Islam actually is the religion of peace?

Whenever there is a Muslim atrocity committed the automatic first response from Western politicians and media is to assure us that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’. No matter how horrendous, no matter how vehemently the perpetrators proclaim that they are doing this in the name of Islam, no matter how often we hear the cries of ‘Allah Akhbar’ as AK 47s rattle and bombs explode, we are sure to hear proclaimed the same message ‘This has nothing to do with Islam, Islam is a religion of peace’. To which most of us respond with our own version of the Scots ‘Aye – right’ one of the few instance in any language where two positives actually do make a negative. Continue reading “Is The Bible More Violent Than The Koran?”