A pandemic is sweeping the West. Research has shown that a significant proportion of people in the UK, more than 25 per cent, are likely to have been infected already by the Covid-19 virus. Thankfully only a tiny proportion have shown serious symptoms and even fewer have died. Nevertheless, in its wake the pandemic is leaving economic and social chaos.

The authors of Moralitis: A Cultural Virus argue that another virus is gripping the West, one that already has a tight grip on society and is creating cultural chaos. Sweeping all before it, it has infected and taken over our media outlets, our education system from primary school to university, our politicians and our police. Such is its hold that it is impossible to escape from its influence.

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Biblical Christians need never be apprehensive about confronting progressive Christians. Progressives have the church’s big battalions and the media behind them, but that doesn’t mean they have the arguments. A calm look at one of Britain’s leading progressive Christians, Stephen Cottrell, to be installed today as 98th Archbishop of York, the CofE’s second highest position, shows they are vulnerable.

Cottrell is a vocal supporter of same sex relationships
Stephen Cottrell

Don’t swallow the spin Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby describes Stephen Cottrell as ‘one of the most inspiring leaders in the church. He preaches, he writes beautifully, he writes poetry, he thinks very deeply, he communicates superbly’. One would think from this that Cottrell was an aesthetic and intellectual paragon. Continue reading “THE 6 DON’TS OF DEALING WITH PROGRESSIVE CHRISTIANS – A CASE STUDY”


THERE have always been movements in the church attempting to draw Christians away from historic Christianity to a more world-friendly version of the faith.

Last century we had liberal Christianity which endeavoured to make Christianity more palatable to a culture shattered by the inhumanity of wars of destruction and the fetishising of science. Towards the end of the century the ’emergent church’ appeared, trying to create a Christianity in tune with post-modern thinking. Today the emergent church has morphed into progressive Christianity.

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In the UK very few would use ‘progressive’ as a self-descriptor although its influence is spread throughout mainstream churches. How can you tell if your denomination, congregation or pastor are leaning towards progressive Christianity, are open to it, or have swallowed it all, hook, line and sinker?



Go into a Japanese department store, make your purchase and the sales assistant will hand you back an exquisite package.

In Japan the presentation of a gift is almost as important as the gift itself. The gift is seen as a form of communication between the giver and the receiver and the wrapping plays an important role in shaping the message associated with the gift. The wrapping is considered to be part of the gift itself and should reflect both the gift and the emotions behind it.

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Last Wednesday, September 25th, the Supreme Court of Pakistan acquitted a man accused of blasphemy. Although welcome, the acquittal came a bit late, Wajih-ul-Hassan having already spent 18 years on death row on a trumped-up charge.

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Pakistan Supreme Court

Hassan was found guilty in 2001 of blasphemy in letters allegedly written by him. In Pakistan, those convicted of blasphemy get an automatic death sentence. Continue reading “INNOCENT MAN SERVES 18 YEARS IN PRISON”


Supporters of assisted suicide and euthanasia in the United Kingdom are tenacious. Although they have been unable to persuade either the UK or the Scottish parliaments to legalise physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia, they keep pressing.

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In this they have allies in the media and the medical profession. Whenever a terminally ill patient decides to go to Switzerland to commit suicide they are sure to get long and supportive interviews on BBC News and other media outlets. Continue reading “DEATH ON PRESCRIPTION”


Occasionally an incident highlights the enormous divide between Christians, social conservatives and the progressive left. The passing of House Bill 481 in the Georgia General Assembly is one such.

The Bill generally prohibits abortions after doctors can discern a foetal heartbeat, which may be as early as six weeks into a pregnancy. Amid protests and a heavy police presence, the measure passed 92 to 78 in the Republican-controlled legislature last Friday. It is expected to be signed into law by Republican Governor Brian Kemp.

Police Georgi
Georgia State Troopers Protect State Capitol

Meanwhile the Democrat Party, having abandoned its traditional blue collar working class base and embraced progressivism, has moved in the diametrically opposite direction. Democrats are pushing to extend the law on abortion. New York state and Virginia have both passed legislation permitting abortion right up to the moment of birth. Continue reading “SOME WANT LIFE – SOME WANT DEATH”


Christians and those social conservatives who strive to uphold the values and faith which created Western culture make a major strategic error. Fighting to maintain the status quo leads to inevitable defeat.

We fail to grasp the nature of progressivism: they are never satisfied. Like Oliver Twist they always want more.want-more-want-more-give-me-more

Progressives push and make a gain. Christians try to hold the status quo. But progressives are relentless and don’t stop; they push again and achieve another victory. Christians then try to maintain the new and lower status quo. And society declines step by step. It need not be like this. We can push back. Continue reading “CHRISTIANS MUST PUSH BACK”


A guest post by Karen Harradine.

In November 2017 Arnold Roth sat by his disabled daughter’s bedside in an Israeli hospital. His tweets from that time offer an informed repose to the Islamist slur that Israel is an apartheid state. Most of the medical staff who attended his daughter were Arab and so were a third of the patients.

The name Arnold Roth should be familiar. Hamas terrorists murdered his other daughter Malki while the 15 year old was eating pizza in a Jerusalem cafe almost 18 years ago.

malki roth
Malki Roth

One of the masterminds of this slaughter of innocents, Ahlam Tamimi, now lives in Jordan. She is a member of the notorious Tamimi clan who are lauded as ‘freedom fighters’ by the depraved mainstream media, which seemingly worship those who kill Jews.

But the media are not only the only culprits. Far too many clueless Westerners parrot the Islamist narrative that Israel is an ‘apartheid state’. However the evidence indicates otherwise. Israel is a place of safety not only Jews but for all religions. Continue reading “WHICH IS THE APARTHEID STATE?”


Is the Democrat party in the USA going morally insane? This serious question must be asked given recent developments concerning abortion. In their drive to become ever more progressive, the Democrats have finally jumped the shark.

On the 46th anniversary of the landmark US ruling that made abortion legal, New York State signed into law the Reproductive Health Act, a new abortion rights Bill. This law allows abortion at any time during gestation.

Governor Andrew Cuomo signs new law

The new Act greatly expands existing legislation. It removes the need for some abortions to be performed by a doctor. Infants who survive abortion will no longer be protected by law: they can be left to die. In cases of the murder of an expectant mother, the unborn child will no longer be recognised as a second victim. Continue reading “PROGRESSIVES LOSE TOUCH WITH HUMANITY”