Probably the best response to bishop Mike Curry’s much lauded sermon at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle comes from orthodox Anglican theologian Gavin Ashenden.

Dr Gavin Ashenden

Michael Curry & the Royal Wedding. A star-turn offers the world ‘Christianity-lite’.

A longer read, but well worth the time.




The evidence cannot be denied. In its traditional power base of the West Christianity is in decline. Fewer people claim to be Christians, and even fewer are actually serious about practicing it. The Church of Scotland is fast disappearing, in the mere five years between 2008 and 2013 it shrank by 29 percent, and we can be sure the decline didn’t stop then. George Carey has warned that the Church of England is one generation away from extinction.

And I’m glad. It is only when we realise the true depth of the crisis that the ordinary Christian will demand change. We cannot look to the ecclesiastical managerial class inhabiting the corridors and committees of denominational headquarters. They see their task as preserving the institution. Continue reading “WHAT’S THE POINT?”


previous post brought the following comment from Amanda:

‘Many people are not religious or spiritual; and if you would like your beliefs respected, you should respect others as well. Religious ideology does not belong in the law.

Those who have “unfavourable” views of homosexuality (ignorant bigots) are not tolerated because they are what’s wrong with society.
Can you give one non-religious reason that people should not have legal rights to pursue homosexuality?’

Some aspects of the comment should be noted.

The mention of ‘legal rights’ is a straw argument. No one is proposing criminalising homosexuality in the West.

Continue reading “RESPONSE TO A CHALLENGE”


Christian-based cultural norms and morality have been overturned in what is historically the blink of an eye. There has been no violent revolution, no overthrow of the existing order, no coup, yet society has been fundamentally re-ordered to move in an entirely new direction with profound changes in family life, societal norms and collective attitudes.

According to progressives this has all happened through moral improvement. The enlightened forward-looking champions of tolerance and love have spontaneously triumphed over the forces of darkness and repression which have held back humanity for centuries. After all, ‘It is the 21st century’. And it will continue, what applied to homosexuality yesterday, applies to transgenderism today, and who knows what tomorrow.


The progressive narrative is that what changes social attitudes is a combination of courage and compassion. The courage of those who ‘come out’ and the compassion shown by the tolerant towards those being persecuted for being who they are. Continue reading “HOW DID IT HAPPEN?”


In Oklahoma! Oscar Hammerstein wrote ‘The farmer and the cowman should be friends’. A song expressing the hope that people from seemingly opposed viewpoints can learn to co-exist.


A recent post republished in The Conservative Woman earned one or two dismissive comments along the lines that ‘Christianity is for the uneducated’. Yet there is no need for any animosity between Christians and secularists, who whilst maintaining their separate presuppositions can combine their efforts when it comes to saving Western culture.

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Shakespeare writes in Julius Caesar: ‘There is a tide in the affairs of men which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune’. Progressives have taken advantage of the flowing tide. Wherever possible they relentlessly press ahead to dismantle the Western culture built on Christianity. At times they seem unstoppable. Like Tony Blair, they feel the hand of history on their shoulders.


Superficially they may have a point. Once an action has been advanced in the name of a sexual minority, and it is usually a sexual minority given the progressive’s obsession with sex, can it be undone? Continue reading “DAM THE FLOWING TIDE”