Christians and those social conservatives who strive to uphold the values and faith which created Western culture make a major strategic error. Fighting to maintain the status quo leads to inevitable defeat.

We fail to grasp the nature of progressivism: they are never satisfied. Like Oliver Twist they always want more.want-more-want-more-give-me-more

Progressives push and make a gain. Christians try to hold the status quo. But progressives are relentless and don’t stop; they push again and achieve another victory. Christians then try to maintain the new and lower status quo. And society declines step by step. It need not be like this. We can push back. Continue reading “CHRISTIANS MUST PUSH BACK”



The establishment pays lip service to Christianity, parading on special occasions in cathedrals and producing ‘safe’ Christian programmes like Songs of Praise. But when it runs into unabashed Christianity prepared to deny progressive pieties, the mask slips. There is growing alienation between Christians holding a biblical worldview and the establishment in our increasingly secular society.See the source image

Video of the arrest of Oluwole Ilesanmi, a street preacher in Wood Green, north London, on 23rd February has gone viral. Arrests of street preachers for causing offence have become routine. Mr Ilesanmi’s arrest reveals the underlying prejudices of the establishment. Continue reading “CHRISTIANITY IS NOT A HATE CRIME”


It can appear that the progressive steamroller is unstoppable. Traditional Christians resign ourselves to doing little more than clinging grimly to our beliefs whilst the world changes around us. This is to forget history and the nature of the ongoing culture war.

Today’s culture war is a spiritual war. Paul reminds us, ‘Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world’ Ephesians 6:12.

Why are progressives so intent on controlling the public square? It takes considerable effort to hunt for the only Christian B&B or Christian baker for miles around in order to be offended. Once offended, there are court cases dragging on, sometimes for years. This takes determination of a high order.See the source image

Nobody could seriously contend that a few scattered Christian traditionalists are preventing progressives from living as they choose. It is hard to explain why the foot soldiers of the activist left should be so zealous in their determination to silence a handful of traditional Christians. Continue reading “THE CULTURE WAR IS A RELIGIOUS WAR”


A guest post by Karen Harradine.

In November 2017 Arnold Roth sat by his disabled daughter’s bedside in an Israeli hospital. His tweets from that time offer an informed repose to the Islamist slur that Israel is an apartheid state. Most of the medical staff who attended his daughter were Arab and so were a third of the patients.

The name Arnold Roth should be familiar. Hamas terrorists murdered his other daughter Malki while the 15 year old was eating pizza in a Jerusalem cafe almost 18 years ago.

malki roth
Malki Roth

One of the masterminds of this slaughter of innocents, Ahlam Tamimi, now lives in Jordan. She is a member of the notorious Tamimi clan who are lauded as ‘freedom fighters’ by the depraved mainstream media, which seemingly worship those who kill Jews.

But the media are not only the only culprits. Far too many clueless Westerners parrot the Islamist narrative that Israel is an ‘apartheid state’. However the evidence indicates otherwise. Israel is a place of safety not only Jews but for all religions. Continue reading “WHICH IS THE APARTHEID STATE?”


Communist China is facing religious problems, especially from Evangelicals.

As President Xi Jinping amasses ever greater power and tightens control over all aspects of Chinese society, Beijing plans to ‘sinicise religion’, in other words to place all religions under the authority of the Chinese Communist Party.

Last year the Chinese government and the Vatican reached an agreement allowing a state-sanctioned merger of the official and underground branches of the Chinese Catholic Church in exchange for the Government having a say in the election of bishops.CHINA Beijing bans online Bible sales
China’s Evangelical Christians, who are less amenable to state control, are experiencing a radical increase in repression of a kind not seen since Mao’s reign. This is in large part due to their success. Continue reading “CHINA’S COMMUNISTS NEVER LEARN”


Open Doors have compiled a ‘World Watch List’ indicating that 4,305 Christians were killed in 2018 simply because they were Christians. This increase of 25 per cent on the 3,066 killed in 2017 means 1,000 more Christians murdered.

Worldwide, 245million Christians are apparently persecuted simply for believing in Jesus. In its ‘Religious Freedom Report’ for 2018, Aid to the Church in Need concluded that 300million Christians were subjected to violence. The bulk of this persecution is at the hands of Islam.

With reason Christianity has been called ‘the most persecuted religion in the world‘.

See the source image
Coptic Christians Praying in a Burnt Out Church

Not all persecution is murderous. Typical of the everyday oppression faced by Christians in Muslim countries are the Algerians Christians forced out of the tent they were worshipping in by police on 28th January after their church building was sealed by authorities. Continue reading “APPEASING ISLAM DOESN’T HELP”


Is the Democrat party in the USA going morally insane? This serious question must be asked given recent developments concerning abortion. In their drive to become ever more progressive, the Democrats have finally jumped the shark.

On the 46th anniversary of the landmark US ruling that made abortion legal, New York State signed into law the Reproductive Health Act, a new abortion rights Bill. This law allows abortion at any time during gestation.

Governor Andrew Cuomo signs new law

The new Act greatly expands existing legislation. It removes the need for some abortions to be performed by a doctor. Infants who survive abortion will no longer be protected by law: they can be left to die. In cases of the murder of an expectant mother, the unborn child will no longer be recognised as a second victim. Continue reading “PROGRESSIVES LOSE TOUCH WITH HUMANITY”