The latest article in The Conservative Woman looks at the ultimate feminist, Justin Trudeau.


Canada’s Liberals are sinking in the polls. This is mainly due to discontent with their leader, prime minister Justin Trudeau. At the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017, the Liberals were averaging a lead of 20% over the Conservatives. Today, when all polls are averaged out, they are 4 or 5% behind.

The Liberal Party of Canada has invested heavily in the persona of their photogenic leader Justin Trudeau. The good looks, and the easy charm which comes from a privileged background, and instant name recognition, made him seem the ideal candidate for a social media world. However, a combination of overexposure and poor decision making since the election have caused Canadians to see him as looking more and more like a silly pretty boy rather than a serious politician.


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Never heard of Allen J Frantzen? Don’t worry, unless you are into Anglo Saxon literature there is little likelihood of you stumbling across the professor. Yet, within the world of medieval studies he was, until January of this year, a highly respected figure. To most of us books with titles such as Food, Eating and Identity in Early Medieval England don’t make the pulse quicken, but amongst medievalists Frantzen was an important academic. In 2013 he won the Medieval Academy of America’s Teaching Excellence Award.


Then he made a mistake. After nearly 40 years in academia Frantzen retired from Loyola University in 2014. Since then he has devoted his time to writing projects, including his blog. His blog postings consist mostly of photographs of Frantzen at home with his partner George, recipes they have made and gardens visited, with a sideline on their cats. One would think that he was a fully paid up member of the progressive intellectual elite. Then he wrote a post How to fight your way out of the feminist fog.

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