The reaction of the mainstream church to Islam and Muhammad is strange. Ecclesiastical authorities bend over backwards to accommodate and even validate and embrace Islam as a partner in faith and worship. The ecclesiastical establishment seems incapable of uttering any condemnation of Islamic theology or defence of the uniqueness of Christ. It appears to go the other way.

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It was recently revealed that last year Joshua Sutcliffe, a maths teacher at St Aloysius’ College, a Roman Catholic secondary school in north London, was sacked for describing Muhammad as a ‘false prophet’. Sutcliffe, an evangelical, made a YouTube video at home concerning false teachers. Sutcliffe’s approach in his videos and blog is not notable for theological nuance or temperate expression. The video, which could charitably be described as forthright, carries a trigger warning, ‘Only watch if you can handle the truth.’



Why do Muslims get kid glove treatment?

Following every Muslim atrocity politicians with minimal theological expertise rush before the cameras to gravely assure us that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’.

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Rape gangs  who prey on vulnerable girls are overwhelmingly comprised of Muslim men of Pakistani origin. The media invariably refer to them as ‘Asian’ men. Hindu’s, Sikhs, Buddhists, the Chinese, Thais, Indians, Cambodians etc., all are lumped in; but their feelings don’t matter to the elites as long as Islam is not indicated. Basil Fawlty famously cried ‘Don’t mention the war’. Today our elites cry ‘Don’t mention Islam’.

Don’t think the progressive elites who run our country actually like Islam, there are other reasons.

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On 25 October 2018 the European Court of Human rights (ECHR) approved the conviction in Austria of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff for hate speech after describing the prophet Muhammad as a paedophile. Yet on 5 December 2019 the same court censured the government of Azerbaijan for convicting two journalists who were highly critical of Islam.See the source image

Whilst a member of the Council of Europe Azerbaijan is at the same time a member of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). Members of the OIC subscribe to the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam, which subordinates freedom of expression to the demands of sharia law.

In November 2006 two well-known Azerbaijani journalists, Rafig Nazir oglu Tagiyev and Samir Sadagat oglu Huseynov wrote an article entitled ‘Europe and us’ in Sanat Gazeti, a newspaper of which Mr Huseynov was editor-in-chief. In the article they dared to compare Islam and Europe, to the detriment of Islam. Continue reading “ECHR – IT’S NO CRIME TO SAY JESUS IS SUPERIOR TO MOHAMMED”


Last Wednesday, September 25th, the Supreme Court of Pakistan acquitted a man accused of blasphemy. Although welcome, the acquittal came a bit late, Wajih-ul-Hassan having already spent 18 years on death row on a trumped-up charge.

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Pakistan Supreme Court

Hassan was found guilty in 2001 of blasphemy in letters allegedly written by him. In Pakistan, those convicted of blasphemy get an automatic death sentence. Continue reading “INNOCENT MAN SERVES 18 YEARS IN PRISON”


If you were asked which was the most unlikely nation to be experiencing Christian conversions on a large scale, the chances are that the 40-year-old Islamic Republic of Iran would be near the top of the list.

The country is ruled by a hardline theocratic regime where conversion from Islam and sharing the Christian faith are both illegal, and persecution of Christians is intensifying. Yet not only is the church remaining steadfast in the face of persecution, it is growing so rapidly that Iran’s government leaders are openly acknowledging its staggering growth.

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In 1979, when the hardline Islamic regime was established, there were approximately 500 known Christians in Iran. The subsequent two decades ushered in a wave of persecution that continues today. All missionaries were expelled, evangelism was declared illegal, Bibles in the Persian or Farsi language were banned, and pastors were killed. There were genuine fears that the small Iranian church would be crushed.

Instead it has multiplied in an extraordinary fashion. Today there are approximately 500,000 Christians and some sources put the number higher. More Iranians have become Christians in the last 20 years than throughout the previous 13 centuries  since Islam subjugated Iran. Multiple reports indicate that even children of political and spiritual leaders are leaving Islam for Christianity. Continue reading “GROWTH OF CHRISTIANITY IN IRAN”


The search is over. We can reveal the winner of the Christian Useful Idiot Award. This goes to the most off-the-wall, bat-guano-crazy, mad-as-a-box-of-frogs apologist for Islam.

Just how far down the rabbit hole do you have to go before you admit you are living in a bizarre Wonderland? Not far at all: you need only to take a trip across the North Sea to Sweden.

Long noted for its liberal social attitudes, Sweden has welcomed immigrants from Muslim countries for several decades now. Their multicultural enrichment with little attempt at integration has resulted in increased social tensions.

Cars burn in a riot in a suburb of Stockholm, on February 20, 2017.



THE avant garde artistic world prides itself on its willingness to speak truth to power, to take a stand against censorship and to defy the stifling hand of orthodoxy. Unfortunately, its courage evaporates when confronted by Islam.

In a sharia-compliant move, a cutting-edge gallery has draped grey sheets over two paintings by the artist known as SKU, featuring an Islamic declaration of faith with images of naked women and the American flag, after complaints by Muslim visitors

Charles Saatchi

This was not an example of artistic cowardice – perish the thought. The Saatchi Gallery in London was showing compassion and sensitivity. They claimed they respected ‘the sincerity of the complaints made against these works’.

The visitors who complained called for the paintings to be removed to protect their religious sensibilities. The artist proposed a ‘compromise’ – the paintings should not be taken down but instead covered with sheets. This was to redefine ‘compromise’ as ‘grovelling surrender’. Continue reading “ARTISTIC COWARDICE IN THE FACE OF ISLAM”


A vitally important case for the future of free speech in Europe comes before the European Court of Human Rights (EHCR) next week.

During 2008/09 Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff led a series of seminars for the Freedom Education Institute, a political academy linked to the Austrian Freedom Party (now part of the government). Amongst the 30 or so FP members attending the seminars was an undercover journalist for the Left-wing weekly magazine News.

Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

Mrs Sabaditsch-Wolff was reported to the police, who questioned her concerning statements she had made about the Prophet Muhammad. Charges were brought by the public prosecutor for hate crime under Section 283 of the Austrian Criminal Code. Mrs Sabaditsch-Wolff was convicted of ‘disparaging religious doctrines’, fined €480 and ordered to pay costs.



We are used to Christians with little connection to Scripture bending over backwards to accommodate Islam. We see the opposite happening in Islamic communities.

Sweden seems to be ground zero for progressive Christianity. Last November the Church of Sweden voted down a proposal to ban the Islamic call to prayer. This was motivated by bell-ringing at some churches being stopped on noise abatement grounds.

If the Church of Sweden supported the call to prayer on the grounds of freedom of religion or expression, it would have a point. The argument given in the church council, however, was that it would be ‘fantastic for more to encounter the love of Allah’. The proposal was voted down 206 to 26.

                                                                      Eva Brunne – Bishop of Stockholm

Eva Brunne, the world’s first openly lesbian bishop, requested a church in her diocese to take down its crosses as they might offend Muslims, whom she described as ‘angels’. To aid those seamen who might come to the church to pray she suggested the church instead erect signs pointing to Mecca. Clearly the good bishop believes Muslim seamen arriving in Stockholm have very different priorities from most seamen on shore leave. Continue reading “INTERFAITH DIALOGUE – A WAY STREET”


An article in Artnet focusing on the systematic wrecking by ISIS of relics in museums, churches, mosques and archaeological sites in Syria and Iraq reminds us that ‘UNESCO considers the intentional destruction of cultural heritage a war crime

Islamic State has been busy looting and destroying any cultural artefact they do not consider in keeping with their strict interpretation of Muslim belief. The terrorist group proudly take to social media and show themselves taking sledgehammers and bulldozers to priceless works of art.

Palmyra Before And After ISIS

When renowned antiquities scholar Khaled al-Asaad, after a month’s brutal interrogation, still refused to reveal where he had stored priceless artefacts ISIS beheaded him. They then hung his body on a column in the public square in Palmyra. The world was aghast. Continue reading “SQUEEZING OUT CHRISTIANITY”