The leader of an organisation in a Western European country is being investigated by the national police for the crime of ‘agitation against an ethnic group’. The maximum punishment for this crime is two years imprisonment.

This is no backwoods bunch of bigots led by someone in a white hood brandishing a burning cross. The church is the Evangelical Lutheran Mission diocese of Finland, and the leader is Rev Dr Juhana Pohjola, Dean of the church.

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Rev Dr Juhana Pohjola

Accused of incitement to hatred against a group, Dr Pohjola was summoned last week to the Helsinki Police Department for a preliminary investigation. The ‘ethnic group’ against whom he is accused of ‘agitation against’ are homosexuals. Continue reading “ATTEMPT TO ELIMINATE THE WORD OF GOD”


Reporting from Vietnam, the war correspondent Peter Arnett quoted an American major saying, ‘It became necessary to destroy the town to save it’. Today’s liberals are as ludicrous as those they poured scorn on yesterday.

In the latest advance of the LGBTQ movement earlier this week, Swiss voters decided in a referendum to back hate speech legislation making supposedly ‘homophobic’ speech a criminal offence.

Protesters demonstrate in favour of same-sex marriage in Bern

In an ironic and intellectually fraudulent move, Swiss government authorities assured voters that even though free speech is being curtailed it is not actually a curtailment of free speech, which according to the Swiss is an inviolable principle.

In other words, they say that although there is speech which will carry criminal sanctions, this is not a limitation of free speech. Continue reading “RELIGIOUS LIBERTY ERODED IN SWITZERLAND”


Those caring LGBTQ activists seem to be constantly on watch just in case an unsuspecting public eat something which does not bear their stamp of approval. Day after day must be spent in grinding, ceaseless toil examining company directories, adverts, public statements and Twitter feeds searching for the heretics who disagree with their agenda.

All this labour on our behalf to protect us from the horror of consuming a foodstuff which fails their ideological test. And are we thankful? Give your own answer.

Johannes Läderach, Firmenchef der Chocolaterie Läderach AG
Johannes Läderach

There have been attempts to drive Christian bakers out of business and regulate what chicken sandwiches we eat. Now they wish to run ideological purity checks on the chocolate we consume. Continue reading “CHOCOLATE MUST BE IDEOLOGICALLY PURE”


On Monday Bisnow led with the headline ‘Chick-fil-A To Stop Donations To Charities With Anti-LGBT Views.’

Chick-fil-A is one of the success stories of free enterprise. It has grown to become the third largest fast food outlet in the USA, all the while maintaining its Christian principles. Christians throughout the world have been cheered by the clear evidence that Christian principles work, even in the cut-throat fast-food sector.See the source imageChristians have been especially cheered by the example of Chick-fil-A in standing up to the progressive bullies who insist that everyone bow the knee to them. Chick-fil-A has been subject to continuing harassment and boycotts because of its donations to organisations which hold to biblical standards of sexual morality.

Continue reading “AND ANOTHER FALLS”


Ideas filter down and influence those who may not know the originator. How many supposed Marxists have ever studied the works of the grumpy German? Yet Marxism, which has caused untold misery, still has enormous influence.

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Herbert Marcuse

So it is with Herbert Marcuse, one of the progenitors of the Frankfurt School. Very few read his works today, yet they still influence many who have never read him. Deep in the midst of his turgid prose we find his concept of repressive tolerance. This argues that the only form of tolerance that should be tolerated is the tolerance that will not tolerate the intolerant. Continue reading “‘LIBERAL’ COERCION”


Politicians usually thrive on ambiguity, giving equivocal answers to direct questions; they are even trained to dodge questions. However, it doesn’t always work. When the ambiguity comes from a Christian political leader asked a question about his faith he is badly damaged, if not sunk. The leader of the Canada’s Conservative Party is in trouble for refusing to give a clear and unambiguous answer to an important question.

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Andrew Scheer

Last month Canada held a federal election and even though the Liberal Party there did not win a majority of the votes, it did win a majority of the seats in parliament. Thus the Liberal Party leader, Justin Trudeau, remains in post as prime minister. Continue reading “CHRISTIANS AND THE SIN QUESTION”


Progressive Christians assure us that ‘the church is killing itself’, that it is ‘haemorrhaging members and money at an alarming rate’, and that this is all down to the fact that the church refuses completely to accept LGBTQ people who continue in a LGBTQ lifestyle.

Their advice is to be realistic, stop accepting the truth of Scripture, and admit that Christianity for the last two millennia has got it horribly wrong on homosexuality. So says Rev Oliver Thomas, a retired Baptist minister writing in USA Today. This comes after the United Methodist Church in the USA has edged closer to a split over the issue of same-sex marriage and LGBTQ pastors.See the source image

Their cry is that reason and experience should be our guides in formulating church policy, especially in sexual morality. They argue that this is the only way to make contact with the millennial generation which has been brought up in an atmosphere not just of tolerance but of celebration of homosexuality. Reject homosexual practice and you reject the growing generation. Continue reading “CONSERVATIVE CHURCHES GROW”