Recreational Rioting

Riots in London, Birmingham, Liverpool and Bristol. Shops and dwellings razed to the ground, cars set on fire, and worst of all, ordinary decent working class people terrorised.
London Today - Next Year?

Not to worry, the professional commentariat know why this is happening and what lies behind these outbreaks of random violence, looting and arson. It’s the government cuts. On the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 John Humphrys continually presses the point. He merely echoes Chris Williamson, Labour MP for Derby, North who tweeted during the riots:

“Yep, the Tories are back alright. Why is it the Tories never take responsibility for the consequences of their party’s disastrous policies. #tottenham”

This came minutes after he retweeted this comment from someone he follows… “Riots. Protests. Cuts. Unemployment. Disaffected Youth. Strikes. Recession. Police Brutality.”

The tweets have since been removed.

Sure Tottenham is one of the poorest districts in the nation, though by no means the poorest. But to imagine that these riots occurred because the government did not supply enough ping pong tables or relationship councellors requires a better fantasy life than I can conjour up, or a ready supply of non-prescription chemicals.

These are not the Boden’s and Next riots of the middle class protecting their pensions and refusing to pay for their children’s education which happened a few months ago. These are riots which have been waiting for an excuse.

A black guy is shot in dubious circumstances, there is a protest meeting outside the police station in Tottenham, before we know it police cars are on fire, buses alight, shops trashed and citizens terrorised.

This is not about police brutality, although the Met’s history of killing innocent people means searching questions must be asked. It is not about a family and friends asking for answers to those questions and being ignored. It is not about the quality, actions or numbers of the police. Ultimately it is about the state of our society.

This is  recreational rioting by children who have nothing.

They have plenty of things, but they have nothing. They have plenty of mobile phones with which to organise themselves, and today they have a few more TVs to watch themselves rampage and trainers to run to the next riot than they did yesterday. What they don’t have are things which actually matter.

They don’t have stability, they don’t have values, they don’t have purpose, above all they don’t have a sense of personal worth and responsibility.

We are witnessing the results of a breakdown in general education and morality. Children with no hope in the future trash their present. Children who have been taught that they deserve everything without being given the means of achieving what they have been taught to desire go on the rampage. The chickens are coming home to roost.

What was once considered civilised behaviour has been deliberately undermined by decades of progressive indoctrination by which a politically motivated elite has set about dismantling those structures and values which hold any society together. As a result a sizeable section of young Britain has fallen off the cliff.

There could well be worse to come, perhaps not immediately but further down the line. Alarmingly the likelihood is that the only ones liable to profit from these riots are the BNP.