Is The Bible More Violent Than The Koran?

As a result of textual analysis it has been asserted that the Old and New Testaments are both more violent than the Koran. The latest video looks at this assertion. Can it really be true that Islam actually is the religion of peace?

Whenever there is a Muslim atrocity committed the automatic first response from Western politicians and media is to assure us that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’. No matter how horrendous, no matter how vehemently the perpetrators proclaim that they are doing this in the name of Islam, no matter how often we hear the cries of ‘Allah Akhbar’ as AK 47s rattle and bombs explode, we are sure to hear proclaimed the same message ‘This has nothing to do with Islam, Islam is a religion of peace’. To which most of us respond with our own version of the Scots ‘Aye – right’ one of the few instance in any language where two positives actually do make a negative. Continue reading “Is The Bible More Violent Than The Koran?”


Anti-violence Has Its limits

Last week he was giving a lecture in Munich’s Catholic university on An Islam that Distances itself from Violence. This week he is remanded in custody for beating one of his wives and giving her a broken nose and broken shoulder as well as numerous cuts and bruises requiring hospital treatment.

Sheik Abu Adam, an Egyptian imam of the Darul Quran Mosque in Munich, faces charges of grievous bodily harm and could be imprisoned.

One of his three wives and mother of one of his ten children wanted to live a more Western lifestyle. This meant she wanted to go out without wearing a veil. As he beat her Sheik Abu allegedly shouted a verse from the Koran: “Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them.”

In the past Sheik Abu, who advises German politicians on interfaith issues, has earned praise from interfaith groups in Munich for his stance against radical Islam.