No sinister cabal plots in smoke-filled rooms to destroy Christianity. There is, however, a desire amongst progressives to privatise Christianity. They wish to restrict it to the level of a personal eccentricity, harmless as long as it doesn’t intrude into the public square.

It is increasingly difficult for a Christian to state what the Bible says and what the church has believed for 2,000 years, and maintain a role in public life in today’s Britain.

Today, Tuesday 22 January 2019, a Christian magistrate is appealing against the decision to remove him from his post after expressing a biblical view of the family.

Richard Page


Progressivism is not just an alternative approach to life: it is a radical revolutionary ideology with Christianity in its crosshairs. The mainstream media willingly plays the role of propaganda outlet.

The Washington Post on Wednesday ran an article headed ‘The school that hired Karen Pence requires applicants to disavow gay marriage, trans identity.’ Britain’s state-funded broadcaster the BBC was not slow to join the witch-hunt, posting an item on its website ‘Vice-president’s wife Karen Pence to teach at anti-LGBT school’. Amongst the rest of the MSM the Independent, the New York Times and Esquire were just a few of those quick to denounce Mrs Pence.

karen pence_inpixio
                                                                            Karen Pence



The Bible teaches that God created men and women as different sexes, and not just physically. There are characteristics which, whilst not confined to one sex, are more prevalent in one or the other. There are feminine characteristics and masculine characteristics: that is how we are made in order to fulfil our complementary roles in life.See the source image

Generally speaking, women nurture and men provide; not only are we physically suited to these roles, we are also psychologically suited. This is how we have lived together and society has progressed throughout human history.

But today’s teaching is that God got it wrong when in Genesis He created two clearly distinct sexes as ‘helpmeets’ for each other. Men having traditionally masculine characteristics is, according to a report issued by the American Psychological Association, a disorder to be treated. Continue reading “IN PRAISE OF MASCULINITY”


The progressive lobby never rests. They pursue their agenda relentlessly, and the elite establishment backs them all the way.

This is a revolutionary movement determined to remake our culture in its own image. The education system is a primary focus. The indoctrination of the next generation is fundamental to re-ordering society. See the source image

The activist charity LGBT Youth Scotland have form. They  have already produced widely criticised misleading guidance on transgenderism. This advises teachers not to inform parents of their child’s desire to change gender unless the child has given consent. Teachers should also allow children to use the toilet and changing room facilities of the gender with which they self-identify. Continue reading “SNP’s LGBT AGENDA”


All over the world, Christian-influenced political movements are advancing. In Britain we find this strange.

In the interminable Brexit debates, everything is seen in economic terms. The ultimate political question – the sovereignty of the nation and who we are and want to be – is never mentioned. Even when immigration is touched on, it is to stress its financial profitability. The effects of large-scale immigration on the nation’s underlying culture is never seriously faced.

Such is the progressive grip of the elites and their compliant media that in Britain we are reluctant to say we have an underlying culture. More importantly, we are afraid to say that this culture is Christian-based. Continue reading “A NATION IS MORE THAN ECONOMICS”


Now Christmas is over, television adverts tell us we should begin thinking of summer holidays. It looks like Turkey is in for another big year for tourists.

In 2018 more British tourists arrived in Antalya in southern Turkey than in Tenerife and Majorca combined. Thomas Cook claim a 63 per cent increase in bookings to Turkey while the airline Jet2 doubled the number of seats sold on flights to the country.

Having reached a record number of tourists in the first half of the year, Turkey expected 40 million in 2018 with an increase of 45.5 per cent in British tourism. In large part this is due to the country’s economic woes and the 43 per cent fall in value for the Turkish lira, making it one of the few countries where the pound does well.

British Tourist On Night Out In Marmaris

With sun, sand and beer at £1.37 a pint it is easy to understand why some consider Turkey an attractive holiday destination. Before booking your 2019 summer holiday, however, it might be worth looking beyond the attractive, slick brochures and thinking of the nature of the country. Turkey has a long and continuing history of Christian persecution. Continue reading “TURKEY’S TROUBLING PAST – AND PRESENT”


We are used to Christians with little connection to Scripture bending over backwards to accommodate Islam. We see the opposite happening in Islamic communities.

Sweden seems to be ground zero for progressive Christianity. Last November the Church of Sweden voted down a proposal to ban the Islamic call to prayer. This was motivated by bell-ringing at some churches being stopped on noise abatement grounds.

If the Church of Sweden supported the call to prayer on the grounds of freedom of religion or expression, it would have a point. The argument given in the church council, however, was that it would be ‘fantastic for more to encounter the love of Allah’. The proposal was voted down 206 to 26.

                                                                      Eva Brunne – Bishop of Stockholm

Eva Brunne, the world’s first openly lesbian bishop, requested a church in her diocese to take down its crosses as they might offend Muslims, whom she described as ‘angels’. To aid those seamen who might come to the church to pray she suggested the church instead erect signs pointing to Mecca. Clearly the good bishop believes Muslim seamen arriving in Stockholm have very different priorities from most seamen on shore leave. Continue reading “INTERFAITH DIALOGUE – A WAY STREET”