Supporters of assisted suicide and euthanasia in the United Kingdom are tenacious. Although they have been unable to persuade either the UK or the Scottish parliaments to legalise physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia, they keep pressing.

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In this they have allies in the media and the medical profession. Whenever a terminally ill patient decides to go to Switzerland to commit suicide they are sure to get long and supportive interviews on BBC News and other media outlets. Continue reading “DEATH ON PRESCRIPTION”



The government, with the vigorous backing of the BBC, is proposing to alter the divorce laws of England and Wales. Justice Secretary David Gauke has announced that the government intends to introduce legislation ‘as soon as Parliamentary time allows’. The new law will enshrine ‘no-fault’ divorce into the law of England and Wales.See the source image

In yet another instance of public consultations being mere window dressing, the government has blithely ignored the views of the people. That there is a growing and dangerous disenchantment with politicians amongst the general public can in large part be laid at the door of politicians who treat the democratic wishes of the people with contempt. Public consultation has become a meaningless charade. Continue reading “NO-FAULT DIVORCE”


A guest post by Karen Harradine

Anti-Semitism is the most ancient and virulent form of hatred. Since Jews walked the land of Judea anti-Semitism has stalked alongside them. The tale of the Jews is a tapestry of persecution and redemption, woven into world history. 

To co-opt Jungian terminology Jews have been turned into the world’s collective shadow self. Birthed from darkness are conspiracy theories and hatreds which mutate and proliferate.See the source image

The accusation that Jews killed Jesus was not was finally disavowed by the Vatican until 1965. But the damage was done, the blood libel had emerged. Blood became a rallying symbol for anti-Semites to harm Jews. During the medieval era Jews were accused of killing Christian children to make unleavened bread – ‘matzah’ – for Passover.

Today’s blood libel claims that Israel kills Palestinian children. These anti-Semitic libels are spread to provoke and excuse persecution and oppression of Jews. They perpetuate because hatred is easy. Continue reading “ANTI-SEMITISM IS STILL ROUTINE”


Occasionally an incident highlights the enormous divide between Christians, social conservatives and the progressive left. The passing of House Bill 481 in the Georgia General Assembly is one such.

The Bill generally prohibits abortions after doctors can discern a foetal heartbeat, which may be as early as six weeks into a pregnancy. Amid protests and a heavy police presence, the measure passed 92 to 78 in the Republican-controlled legislature last Friday. It is expected to be signed into law by Republican Governor Brian Kemp.

Police Georgi
Georgia State Troopers Protect State Capitol

Meanwhile the Democrat Party, having abandoned its traditional blue collar working class base and embraced progressivism, has moved in the diametrically opposite direction. Democrats are pushing to extend the law on abortion. New York state and Virginia have both passed legislation permitting abortion right up to the moment of birth. Continue reading “SOME WANT LIFE – SOME WANT DEATH”


Kathy Gyngel, co-editor of The Conservative Woman wrote the following article published yesterday morning, the day when we should have left the European Union. She sets the Brexit debate in its proper context, the battle for the Christian based Western culture being steadily eroded by progressive ideology.


I want my country back. This is what the battle for Brexit is about for me and why I will be at Parliament Square this afternoon. I will not be shamed into not saying those five words. It is what I feel in my heart of hearts. They do not make me a ‘Little Englander’ – whatever that smear is meant to evoke. They do not mean I am prejudiced or narrow.

I am neither. I love my fellow man, whatever his colour, gender or sexual orientation, for the simple fact that I am Christian and this is Christian duty – compassion, tolerance and hospitality – responsibilities as well as rights. Christianity taught me to tell the truth, never to bear false witness, but also to expect the truth and never to let the truth be trampled on. Continue reading “BREXIT IS ABOUT MORE THAN BREXIT”


We live in a day of identity politics leading to increasing polarisation and ever greater incivility, especially on social media. Whether it is Brexit, ‘misgendering’ or  supposed ‘hate crimes’ people are ready to lash out.

How should the church react to the increasing marginalisation of Christianity?See the source image

Typically the mainstream church adopts the standpoint of the world in the forlorn hope the world will like us and listen to us. As a result of this tactic of continual concession, the church is always a few decades behind the moral curve of the world and correspondingly ignored. In much of today’s Britain, the church is the middle-aged uncle trying to be cool at a teenager’s party. Continue reading “CHRISTIANS SHOULD BE OBSTREPEROUS”


A vitally important case for the future of free speech in Europe comes before the European Court of Human Rights (EHCR) next week.

During 2008/09 Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff led a series of seminars for the Freedom Education Institute, a political academy linked to the Austrian Freedom Party (now part of the government). Amongst the 30 or so FP members attending the seminars was an undercover journalist for the Left-wing weekly magazine News.

Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

Mrs Sabaditsch-Wolff was reported to the police, who questioned her concerning statements she had made about the Prophet Muhammad. Charges were brought by the public prosecutor for hate crime under Section 283 of the Austrian Criminal Code. Mrs Sabaditsch-Wolff was convicted of ‘disparaging religious doctrines’, fined €480 and ordered to pay costs.