Why the steady erosion of distinctive Western culture or national identity? Universities are gradually ousting the traditional Western canon produced by those noxious ‘dead white males’. Vote hungry politicians eager to acknowledge Eid and Diwali are yet reluctant to put anything more distinctive that ‘Happy Holidays’ on their Christmas cards. Flying the Union flag gives rise to suspicion you are a fascist.

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The Brexit vote was anathema to the elites for a straightforward reason: the globalist project promoted by those eager to extend their authority requires porous frontiers and weak national cultures if their multinational corporations are to flourish. A borderless multicultural society is less likely to resist the free movement of people which keeps wages down and workers weak. Continue reading “CHRISTIANITY: EUROPE’S CULTURE SHAPING FORCE”



In Britain we had Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division, the top family judge in England and Wales, saying that the collapse of the nuclear family is ‘a reality which we should welcome and applaud.’

This should not have shocked us. Back in 2014, Sir James gave an equally charged speech in which he issued a damning and partisan indictment of ‘Victorian values’ and railed against ‘the dominant influence wielded by the Christian churches’ in the past.

This attitude has been mirrored by Justice Robert Fowler of the Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court Family Division, ‘Society is continuously changing and family structures are changing along with it,’ said Fowler in a recent ruling.

The Canadian judge has decided that there are times when two just aren’t enough. In April this year Justice Fowler declared a ‘polyamorous’ threesome of one woman and two men all legal parents of the child the woman gave birth to last year.See the source image Continue reading “WHEN TWO JUST AREN’T ENOUGH”


As the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences recognises, Christianity is responsible for the success of Europe. Even an organ of the Chinese Communist Party realises that Christianity is fundamental to European identity and achievement. From the Chinese point of view, Europe and the rest of the West are in the process of destroying the source and foundation of their global success and advantage.

eu constitution

This cultural vandalism is clearly seen in the EU whose European Constitution, which was signed in 2004 although never ratified by all member states, excludes all mention of God and treats Christianity as though it had never existed on the continent of Europe. Continue reading “CHRISTIAN FOUNDATION”


The EU is an island in a sea of troubles of its own making, yet its supporters seem blithely unaware. They continue in the conviction that they know best. As we say in Scotland, they think ‘Everybody’s oot o’ step but oor Jimmy’. At least that is what they assure themselves.

In the real world they appear either tone deaf to what is going on around them, or they are aware of the growing discontent amongst the peoples of Europe and are determined to crush it no matter what the cost.



On the EU’s western flank, instead of attempting to facilitate a harmonious British departure to the benefit of both parties, they are enmeshed in negotiations in which they are determined to squeeze every concession possible from a vacillating British government in order to warn other countries not to consider leaving. Continue reading “BUREAUCRACY VERSUS DEMOCRACY”


Intolerance At one time Millwall FC were notorious. In the 80s and 90s they were known as ‘The Crazy Gang’ due to the macho behaviour and robust physical style of their players. No one could mistake Vinny Jones or Dennis Wise for shrinking violets. A favourite chant of their supporters was ‘Nobody likes us – we don’t care’. Millwall were the tough guys who would take anyone on.

                                                             Vinnie Jones Takes On All Comers

No more. Earlier this year Millwall gave in to a bunch of guys in dresses. In March a free speech event due to be held at Millwall’s ground intending to express concerns about feminist women suffering threats, harassment and accusations of ‘transphobia’ by transgender activists was cancelled – after a campaign of threats by transgender activists. Continue reading “TRANSGENDER FALLACIES”


When progressive Christians and progressive politicians walk hand in hand the results are liable to be weird.

What do you do when you have an unpopular piece of intrusive government legislation to sell? If you are the Church of Scotland you rush to support the SNP government by going full bizarro. Meet Calamari SHANARRI, the well-being octopus.


This is the latest wheeze to emerge from the Church of Scotland. Crossreach, the Church’s Social Care Council, working with Scotland’s SNP government, is urging children to knit the octopus and make up stories and rhymes about it. This is in support of the Scottish government’s Getting It Right For Each Child (GIRFEC) initiative, which includes the controversial Named Person scheme, (of which more later). Inside the velvet progressive glove nestles a steel fist. Continue reading “THE WELLBEING OCTOPUS”


John Wesley was one of the greatest of Englishmen. His indefatigable travel to bring the gospel to the poorest inspires awe. Over fifty-four years, travelling mostly on horseback, he covered about five thousand miles a year. That is some two hundred and ninety thousand miles, equal to circumnavigating the globe about twelve times.

John Wesley – Indefatigable Evangelist

Much of his travel was revisiting towns and villages where he had already preached the gospel. A pattern emerged: Wesley would present the gospel, people would come to Christ and lives would be changed. Drunks would become sober, the indolent would apply themselves, husbands and wives would become faithful, chaotic lives would find a stable purpose. Changed morality led to changed lifestyles. Continue reading “PERPETUAL VICTIMHOOD”