In Oklahoma! Oscar Hammerstein wrote ‘The farmer and the cowman should be friends’. A song expressing the hope that people from seemingly opposed viewpoints can learn to co-exist.


A recent post republished in The Conservative Woman earned one or two dismissive comments along the lines that ‘Christianity is for the uneducated’. Yet there is no need for any animosity between Christians and secularists, who whilst maintaining their separate presuppositions can combine their efforts when it comes to saving Western culture.

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Shakespeare writes in Julius Caesar: ‘There is a tide in the affairs of men which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune’. Progressives have taken advantage of the flowing tide. Wherever possible they relentlessly press ahead to dismantle the Western culture built on Christianity. At times they seem unstoppable. Like Tony Blair, they feel the hand of history on their shoulders.


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The latest article in The Conservative Woman looks at the ultimate feminist, Justin Trudeau.


Canada’s Liberals are sinking in the polls. This is mainly due to discontent with their leader, prime minister Justin Trudeau. At the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017, the Liberals were averaging a lead of 20% over the Conservatives. Today, when all polls are averaged out, they are 4 or 5% behind.

The Liberal Party of Canada has invested heavily in the persona of their photogenic leader Justin Trudeau. The good looks, and the easy charm which comes from a privileged background, and instant name recognition, made him seem the ideal candidate for a social media world. However, a combination of overexposure and poor decision making since the election have caused Canadians to see him as looking more and more like a silly pretty boy rather than a serious politician.


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We have all know of figures of the German resistance to Hitler such as Bonhoeffer, von Stauffenberg, and Niemoller. Amongst the resisters, Helmuth James Graf von Moltke is unfortunately lost to history. Yet the faith, integrity and courage of this man make him shine out as a true Christian martyr.

He was born 11 March 1907 in Kreisau in Silesia. His mother, Dorothy (née Rose Innes), was a South African of Scottish descent. Despite her Reformed upbringing Dorothy adopted her husband’s Christian Science theology on marriage. Nevertheless, young Helmuth was confirmed as an Evangelical Lutheran at the age of 14.

After his law studies Moltke took his junior law examination in 1934. The next year, in order to avoid having to join the Nazi Party, he declined appointment as a judge. Instead, he opened a law practice in Berlin, where as a lawyer specialising in international law he helped victims of Hitler’s régime emigrate.

                          Helmuth James Graf von Moltke

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March For Our Lives

The latest posting on The Conservative Woman in which I look at the movement emerging from the atrocity at Stoneman Douglas High School.

Children’s crusades don’t end well. They haven’t in the past, they don’t today. However passionate or sincere they are, whenever you look behind the children you find adults pulling the strings for their own purposes.

Today the USA is witnessing a children’s crusade. This time it is ostensibly against the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Following the February shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in which 17 died, idealistic students, egged on by the media and ‘progressive’ politicians, are demanding constitutional change.

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Conventional marriage is easy to knock, especially now that it is falling out of favour. Despite liberalisation of legislation about who can get married fewer people are getting married today than at any time in more than a century. This is matched by a corresponding increase in divorce rates.

It is fashionable to jeer at marriage as ‘nothing more than a bit of paper’ which is totally unnecessary in order to prove that you love someone. Yet, ordinary men and women committing themselves to living together for the rest of their lives are engaged in an adventure more demanding and fulfilling than anything the supposedly romantic liberal will ever attempt.Wedding Ring Pictures 1Despite the trend for couples to make up their own marriage vows, which range from the mawkish, through the sentimental to the downright bizarre, some couples still choose the traditional, idealistic, hard to keep marriage vows.

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The latest piece from The Conservative Woman in which I tackle oikophobia. Remember that the culture being trashed by oikophobes is the one based, however imperfectly, on Christian principles and values.


Oikophobia – the BBC’s extended sneer against Western civilisation

Oikophobia was simply a technical psychiatric term indicating fear of the physical home interior and its contents, toasters, vacuum cleaners and the like. Then in England and the Need for Nation, 2004, Sir Roger Scruton took the word and gave it a cultural meaning, ‘the repudiation of inheritance and home.’

Oikophobia is the academic counter to the supposed xenophobia of the hoi polio. It is opposed to Western culture and the unfashionable educational curriculum that sought to transmit its humane values.