Progressives, I mean. They may well be, but that doesn’t completely account for their behaviour. The use of sex as a crowbar to prise open traditional culture is more than just an unwholesome preoccupation with exchanging bodily fluids.

On the surface progressives, the Christians as much as the secular, seem preoccupied with sex. Who is doing what, with whom and how is so often the focal point of their agitation. Never mind strengthening the economy or rationalising our taxation system, what gets them truly excited and marching is extending sexual boundaries.

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We wait to hear what hitherto fringe activity is going to be declared a vibrant aspect of the human tapestry and promoted as something firstly to be understood, then accepted, then normalised and finally valued. The wise money is hedging between polygamy and paedophilia, with sado-masochism an outside bet. Continue reading “ARE THEY SEX MAD?”



As the result of a Freedom of Information request by the Barnabas Fund, it has been revealed that the Home Office has confessed that not a single Christian was among the 1,112 Syrian refugees resettled in the UK in the first three months of this year.

Syrian Christians 01

Only Muslim refugees from the war-torn country have been granted permission to resettle. In the first quarter of this year the UN High Commissioner for Refugees recommended 1,358 Syrian refugees for resettlement in the UK. Of that number a mere four were Christians. All four were rejected. Continue reading “WHERE ARE THE CHRISTIANS?”


There is no pride in being a particular nationality. Why should I be proud that I am Scottish? After all, my supreme achievement in bringing that about was being born, and I wasn’t consulted about that. There are times, however, when we can be embarrassed about our nationality.

When some Scot does or says something stupid we can cringe. When Mary Bain Lockhart, Scottish Labour councillor for Lochgelly, Cardenden and Benarty in Fife,pronounces her considered opinion on serious matters of internal Labour disputes and geo-politics we want to pull the bedcovers over our heads and pretend we are Latvian, Chinese, Zulu, anything but Scottish.

                                                                                            Mary Bain Lockhart

Continue reading “INFAMY, INFAMY”


The secular globalism predominating in Western Europe’s politics and culture has drastic effects, not least on families.

We are taught to see ourselves as individual world citizens devoid of allegiance to nation, culture or family. The family itself is reduced to a mere lifestyle choice, that choice taking increasingly diverse shapes, many of them requiring direct support from the state. Every nation following a secular globalist trajectory has low and falling fertility rates averaging around 1.5 children per mother, far below replacement level of 2.1.

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Over the decades the traditional family structure has been sidelined. Support for the married couple with children as the best way of ensuring good outcomes for society is portrayed as a vicious attack demonising single mothers, homosexual couples and the wonderful diversity of lifestyle enriching our society.

We are also assured that family-friendly policies supporting the traditional family don’t work and should not be a matter of political meddling. The Labour Party takes a firm stand against any attempt to legislate for the promotion of marriage. ‘Marriage is a personal and private decision for responsible adults, with which politicians should not interfere.’See the source image

It is a truth known by all but acknowledged by few that the prospects for children born and raised outwith normal family structures are poor. They have poorer educational outcomes, are more likely to be imprisoned and experience physical and sexual abuse on a greater level than other children. Unfortunately, it is also a truism that progressives are impervious to facts: feelings are so much more important.

Political parties attempt to find policies to compensate for the real disadvantages facing children from non-traditional families. However, the advantages of traditional marriage for the wellbeing of children can’t be replicated except through policies that strengthen traditional marriage.

Helping unmarried parents increase their incomes, spend more time with their children, find better child care etc, would hopefully benefit children. Unfortunately they are likely to be, at best, only partial substitutes for marriage itself. But never mind the children, think of the progressive globalist project.

An Economist article recently assured us that Europe’s population is declining and we therefore need more immigrants to pay for our welfare state, ensure our pensions are paid, empty bedpans, and generally make up for the consequences of demographic decline. Without ever more immigrants our tax base will decline, there will be decreased revenue, and as a result hospitals and schools will become worse than they already are. Only mass immigration can solve the problem.

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The Economist, like all secular globalist outlets, gave no consideration to another solution to demographic decline and its attendant problems. It is possible to strengthen traditional marriage and see an increase in the fertility rate, thus avoiding a dependence on mass immigration.

Despite the ideological assertions of progressives that family-friendly policies have little or no impact on population growth, data is emerging illustrating the opposite. In those European countries taking a consciously Christian direction in their family programmes there is significant growth in fertility rates.

Hungary’s controversial new constitution, which includes a strong commitment to preserving the Christian identity, historic heritage, and community values of the nation, states that: ‘Hungary shall protect the institution of marriage as the union of a man and a woman . . . and the family as the basis of the nation’s survival. Hungary shall encourage the commitment to have children. The protection of families shall be regulated by a cardinal Act.’

Hungary is winding back the clock on much of the fertility and family-structure change that demographers have long considered inevitable, and the cause of problems which could be solved only by mass immigration.

Practical legislation designed to revitalise the traditional family has been introduced. In 2015 the Hungarian government initiated a Family Housing Support Programme. As well as cutting VAT on new houses from 27 to 5 percent this gives married couples generous subsidies to buy or build new homes based on how many children they have.

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Basically, it is possible to qualify for major benefits with two children, and even greater benefits with more. These benefits, including a US$36,000 grant and a US$36,000 loan with a very small interest burden, are seen as very generous indeed in a country where the average monthly wage is US$500.

Other practical measures have been introduced over the last few years. These include tax exemptions for children and the reduction and cancellation of student debts for mothers of two or more children.

From around 2012 women in Hungary became more likely to get married. The rise in the age of first marriage, which has been inexorable in other European countries, has stalled and looks as though it is beginning to fall.

Hungary has experienced a turnaround in population statistics. The total fertility rate, which reached a low in 2010, has now risen significantly and is gradually approaching the 2.1 children per couple replacement level. In continued pursuit of its family-friendly policies the Hungarian government aims to make child support programmes reach 5 per cent of GDP in order to reach replacement population level.

Hungary is no outlier. Poland had an alarming demographic decline which was addressed and reversed by policies promoting the family. Child poverty has been virtually eradicated in Poland with generous child allowances, leading to an impact on fertility rates. Poland still has a long way to go to reach replacement levels, but is now moving in the right direction. In 2015 it was in 20th place in repopulation statistics for Europe. Today it is fourth, just behind Hungary which is third.

Positive change can happen through the promotion of the traditional family. What is required are people and leaders willing to see country as more than an economic unit and as a culture and tradition worth preserving.


Why the steady erosion of distinctive Western culture or national identity? Universities are gradually ousting the traditional Western canon produced by those noxious ‘dead white males’. Vote hungry politicians eager to acknowledge Eid and Diwali are yet reluctant to put anything more distinctive that ‘Happy Holidays’ on their Christmas cards. Flying the Union flag gives rise to suspicion you are a fascist.

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The Brexit vote was anathema to the elites for a straightforward reason: the globalist project promoted by those eager to extend their authority requires porous frontiers and weak national cultures if their multinational corporations are to flourish. A borderless multicultural society is less likely to resist the free movement of people which keeps wages down and workers weak. Continue reading “CHRISTIANITY: EUROPE’S CULTURE SHAPING FORCE”


In Britain we had Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division, the top family judge in England and Wales, saying that the collapse of the nuclear family is ‘a reality which we should welcome and applaud.’

This should not have shocked us. Back in 2014, Sir James gave an equally charged speech in which he issued a damning and partisan indictment of ‘Victorian values’ and railed against ‘the dominant influence wielded by the Christian churches’ in the past.

This attitude has been mirrored by Justice Robert Fowler of the Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court Family Division, ‘Society is continuously changing and family structures are changing along with it,’ said Fowler in a recent ruling.

The Canadian judge has decided that there are times when two just aren’t enough. In April this year Justice Fowler declared a ‘polyamorous’ threesome of one woman and two men all legal parents of the child the woman gave birth to last year.See the source image Continue reading “WHEN TWO JUST AREN’T ENOUGH”


As the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences recognises, Christianity is responsible for the success of Europe. Even an organ of the Chinese Communist Party realises that Christianity is fundamental to European identity and achievement. From the Chinese point of view, Europe and the rest of the West are in the process of destroying the source and foundation of their global success and advantage.

eu constitution

This cultural vandalism is clearly seen in the EU whose European Constitution, which was signed in 2004 although never ratified by all member states, excludes all mention of God and treats Christianity as though it had never existed on the continent of Europe. Continue reading “CHRISTIAN FOUNDATION”