Considering the worldwide persecution Christians face today, saving persecuted Christian communities from extinction is not an effort one country can take on alone. Nevertheless, whilst international bodies turn a blind eye, one government is determined not to wait for everyone else to act: Hungary is stepping out alone.

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                                                                            Prime Minister Viktor Orbán

Hungary does not concern itself with such supposed dilemmas as ‘could this support we are giving possibly be perceived as favouring Christians?’ That is precisely the declared intention of the Hungarian government. Continue reading “ONE COUNTRY CARES ABOUT PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS”


When we dump a Christian worldview with its standards of truth and beauty for today’s wacky world of post-modern progressivism with its relativist concepts of truth and value, we are forced to ask profound questions, such as:

Is eating a banana

a)      Art

b)      The destruction of a work of art

c)      An exercise in self-publicity

In today’s art world, which has become a spearhead of the progressive movement, the answer of course is d) All of the above.

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                                                                     A $120,000 work of art



When the church bends over backwards to please the crowd it eventually topples over into irrelevancy.

The Church of England’s new Charter for ‘faith-sensitive’ and ‘inclusive’ Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) is just such a crowd pleaser.

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Its standpoint is evident from its opening which quotes Genesis 1:27: ‘So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them.’ Tellingly the conclusion of the verse, ‘male and female he created them’ is omitted. When it comes to discussing human sexual relationships most Christians would consider the entire verse to be crucial. Continue reading “THE CHURCH WHICH LOST CONFIDENCE IN THE BIBLE”


Your church can sponsor art events, give with astounding generosity to the poor and be generally considered by the community a ‘cool place’ to worship. Step over the line and it will be branded a church of bigotry and hate by tolerant progressives.See the source imageThe Crossing, a congregation of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Columbia, Missouri, has always been actively involved for the good of its community and the wider world. Last August it raised $430,000 to pay off the medical debts of 42,000 patients in Missouri; a sponsor co-operated with the church so the total of forgiven loans was in the millions. The Crossing supports many local organisations which assist those in financial need, and plans annual mission trips to partner with effective ministries in countries with great poverty. Continue reading “FROM COOL CHURCH TO HATEFUL BIGOTS IN ONE SERMON”


I have waited for the dust to clear a little before commenting on the case of the Revd Richard Cameron.

Mr Cameron, Church of Scotland minister of Scotstoun parish in Glasgow, hit the news last Wednesday after calling Jeremy Corbyn a ‘terrorist sympathiser’.

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Richard Cameron & Jeremy Corbyn

On a rare visit to Scotland, the Labour leader was campaigning in Glasgow when he was interrupted as he explained that the tartan scarf he was wearing had been given to him by the Who Cares Scotland charity.

Mr Cameron shouted at Mr Corbyn: ‘I thought you’d be wearing your Islamic jihad scarf. Who’s going to be the first terrorist invited to the House of Commons when you’re prime minister?’ Continue reading “THE CHURCH OF SCOTLAND’S PRIORITIES”


On Monday Bisnow led with the headline ‘Chick-fil-A To Stop Donations To Charities With Anti-LGBT Views.’

Chick-fil-A is one of the success stories of free enterprise. It has grown to become the third largest fast food outlet in the USA, all the while maintaining its Christian principles. Christians throughout the world have been cheered by the clear evidence that Christian principles work, even in the cut-throat fast-food sector.See the source imageChristians have been especially cheered by the example of Chick-fil-A in standing up to the progressive bullies who insist that everyone bow the knee to them. Chick-fil-A has been subject to continuing harassment and boycotts because of its donations to organisations which hold to biblical standards of sexual morality.

Continue reading “AND ANOTHER FALLS”


Ideas filter down and influence those who may not know the originator. How many supposed Marxists have ever studied the works of the grumpy German? Yet Marxism, which has caused untold misery, still has enormous influence.

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Herbert Marcuse

So it is with Herbert Marcuse, one of the progenitors of the Frankfurt School. Very few read his works today, yet they still influence many who have never read him. Deep in the midst of his turgid prose we find his concept of repressive tolerance. This argues that the only form of tolerance that should be tolerated is the tolerance that will not tolerate the intolerant. Continue reading “‘LIBERAL’ COERCION”