At one time it happened in Scotland. Presbyterian believers forced to meet in secret, hold conventicles in out-of-the-way places, facing imprisonment or worse for worshipping God in a way the establishment did not approve. Today it is happening in one of the world’s two superpowers.

Worshippers from a leading unofficial Reformed church in southwest China have been subject to a severe crackdown, and have experienced abuse whilst in police custody. Yet, like the Covenanters of old, they vow to continue to meet for worship.

sunday Worship
                                                                                             Sunday Worship, Early Rain Covenant Church

The Early Rain Covenant Church in Chengdu, Sichuan province, is one of China’s few openly operating unofficial house churches. On the night of 9th December more than 100 members were snatched from their homes and streets across the city. Among those detained were Pastor Wang Yi and his wife Jiang Rong. Also held were church elders, members and seminary students. Continue reading “THE PRICE OF FAITH”



Scotland’s national church and England’s established church are in competition to see which can produce the most inane response to pressure from the world. Until this week the Church of Scotland had what many thought was an unassailable lead over the Church of England.

In response to pressure from those who believe in the inerrancy of Guardian editorials rather than the Bible, the General Assembly of 2013 produced the Bogle Bungle which allows the admission of practising homosexuals to the CofS ministry.

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It is blindingly obvious yet needs repetition: the government does not have any money of its own. It has our money. It is equally obvious the establishment is using our money to further a transgender agenda.

One taxpayer supported scheme is MORF, a Manchester-based support group for transgender masculine people, that is females who wish to be males. Since February 2011, MORF has been distributing free breast binders to females who wish to be males.

MORF is backed by the LGBT Foundation which in 2016-17 received more than £1.1 million from central and local government and the NHS, and £180,000 in lottery funding.

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Aided by our money, MORF sends breast binders to schoolgirls as young as 13 without their parents’ knowledge. Breast binders are used by young girls to disguise their breasts to make them look like boys. Continue reading “ESTABLISHMENT’S TRANSGENDER AGENDA”


Last week, the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on British Muslims published a ‘landmark report’ demanding a ‘legally binding definition of Islamophobia’. The APPG suggests we define Islamophobia as: ‘Islamophobia is rooted in racism and is a type of racism that targets expressions of Muslimness or perceived Muslimness.’

APPG on British Muslims Present Report on Islamophobia

Use of the term Islamophobia is at present indiscriminate, covering everything from a dirty look to violent physical attack. Usually it is an accusation hurled at anyone more concerned about Islam than they are about Methodism. Continue reading “BOTCHED ISLAMOPHOBIA REPORT”


An article in Artnet focusing on the systematic wrecking by ISIS of relics in museums, churches, mosques and archaeological sites in Syria and Iraq reminds us that ‘UNESCO considers the intentional destruction of cultural heritage a war crime

Islamic State has been busy looting and destroying any cultural artefact they do not consider in keeping with their strict interpretation of Muslim belief. The terrorist group proudly take to social media and show themselves taking sledgehammers and bulldozers to priceless works of art.

Palmyra Before And After ISIS

When renowned antiquities scholar Khaled al-Asaad, after a month’s brutal interrogation, still refused to reveal where he had stored priceless artefacts ISIS beheaded him. They then hung his body on a column in the public square in Palmyra. The world was aghast. Continue reading “SQUEEZING OUT CHRISTIANITY”


On Monday it was announced that the accommodation website Airbnb intends to blacklist Jewish apartments in Judea and Samaria because they are built on so-called occupied territories on the West Bank. On the surface this seems fair.

There has been a concentrated campaign drawing attention to Airbnb listings on the occupied territories. Questions have been posed regarding Airbnb’s legal position in profiting from the rentals. If the residences have been built illegally according to international law, there is also a moral argument against listing them and allowing the owners to profit from their construction.AirbnbAirbnb faced an intensive attack over a number of years, including threats of being listed in the forthcoming UN HRC ‘blacklist’, boycotts and other forms of negative publicity. In the press release announcing its move, the company acknowledged that offering listings in West Bank ‘settlements’ was not illegal: this clearly indicates that its decision was the result of political pressure. Continue reading “DOUBLE STANDARDS”


The Foreign Office is reportedly allowing British policy to be dictated by a mob of violent bigots in Pakistan.

It is hard to imagine a more worthy case for granting political asylum than that of Asia Bibi, a 53-year-old Christian Pakistani woman who, after being acquitted of false charges is still living in fear of her life.See the source image

Witness statements were found to be unreliable in the extreme. The imam who supported them in bringing the charge was found to have lied. Saiful Malook, Bibi’s lawyer, recounts the story of the judge who sentenced her to death, who has preserved the pen which he used to sign off her judgement as a source of pride. Continue reading “BRITAIN BOWS TO BIGOTS”