Communist China is facing religious problems, especially from Evangelicals.

As President Xi Jinping amasses ever greater power and tightens control over all aspects of Chinese society, Beijing plans to ‘sinicise religion’, in other words to place all religions under the authority of the Chinese Communist Party.

Last year the Chinese government and the Vatican reached an agreement allowing a state-sanctioned merger of the official and underground branches of the Chinese Catholic Church in exchange for the Government having a say in the election of bishops.CHINA Beijing bans online Bible sales
China’s Evangelical Christians, who are less amenable to state control, are experiencing a radical increase in repression of a kind not seen since Mao’s reign. This is in large part due to their success. Continue reading “CHINA’S COMMUNISTS NEVER LEARN”



Open Doors have compiled a ‘World Watch List’ indicating that 4,305 Christians were killed in 2018 simply because they were Christians. This increase of 25 per cent on the 3,066 killed in 2017 means 1,000 more Christians murdered.

Worldwide, 245million Christians are apparently persecuted simply for believing in Jesus. In its ‘Religious Freedom Report’ for 2018, Aid to the Church in Need concluded that 300million Christians were subjected to violence. The bulk of this persecution is at the hands of Islam.

With reason Christianity has been called ‘the most persecuted religion in the world‘.

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Coptic Christians Praying in a Burnt Out Church

Not all persecution is murderous. Typical of the everyday oppression faced by Christians in Muslim countries are the Algerians Christians forced out of the tent they were worshipping in by police on 28th January after their church building was sealed by authorities. Continue reading “APPEASING ISLAM DOESN’T HELP”


Is the Democrat party in the USA going morally insane? This serious question must be asked given recent developments concerning abortion. In their drive to become ever more progressive, the Democrats have finally jumped the shark.

On the 46th anniversary of the landmark US ruling that made abortion legal, New York State signed into law the Reproductive Health Act, a new abortion rights Bill. This law allows abortion at any time during gestation.

Governor Andrew Cuomo signs new law

The new Act greatly expands existing legislation. It removes the need for some abortions to be performed by a doctor. Infants who survive abortion will no longer be protected by law: they can be left to die. In cases of the murder of an expectant mother, the unborn child will no longer be recognised as a second victim. Continue reading “PROGRESSIVES LOSE TOUCH WITH HUMANITY”


After spending eight years in prison on death row in Pakistan on a trumped up charge of blaspheming Islam’s supposed prophet Muhammad, the Christian woman Asia Bibi was acquitted.

Mohammad Shafiq Amini, the acting chief of the hardline Tehreek-i-Labaik party, sent a video message to followers branding the court’s dismissal of the appeal against Bibi’s acquittal as ‘cruel and unjust’ and calling for mass protests.

Bibi is supposedly being kept in a safe place in Islamabad. Meanwhile furious extremists have called for nationwide rallies which threaten to escalate into civil unrest. Continue reading “WILL ASIA BIBI EVER BE SAFE?”


Last week Texas Values Action warned that progressive Democratic legislators in the Texas Senate have formed a ‘LGBTQ Caucus’ promising a ‘transformative’ and ‘strategic’ agenda.See the source imageThis agenda includes proposed ‘sexual orientation and gender identity’ laws. So sweeping are they that Texas Values Action describes them as ‘Ban the Bible bills’. Texas Values Action both exaggerate and underestimate the danger of these bills.

Despite what Texas Values Action suggests these bills do not ban the Bible. No one is coming to physically remove Texan’s Bibles. There will be no prohibition on the sale of Bibles.

These bills do something much more insidious. By stigmatising Christian views based on biblical teaching they would effectually strip Christians living under them from the right to speak out, communicate or practice the teachings of the Bible. Continue reading “CHRISTIANS – GET IN THE CLOSET”


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The following is a transcript.

Tame churches are useful. They confirm the values and priorities of the powerful and help keep believers quiet. They play the game.

It is easy to co-opt a church. Give it a distinctive place in the state. Shower its leaders with honours. Make it beholden to the state for its place in society. As we saw in Nazi Germany and elsewhere this works remarkably well.

There is however, always God’s Awkward Squad. Those Christians who reject the enticements of the powerful. What the powerful cannot abide is a Church which doesn’t play the game, which rejects the values and priorities of the establishment. A challenging Church must be silenced.



No sinister cabal plots in smoke-filled rooms to destroy Christianity. There is, however, a desire amongst progressives to privatise Christianity. They wish to restrict it to the level of a personal eccentricity, harmless as long as it doesn’t intrude into the public square.

It is increasingly difficult for a Christian to state what the Bible says and what the church has believed for 2,000 years, and maintain a role in public life in today’s Britain.

Today, Tuesday 22 January 2019, a Christian magistrate is appealing against the decision to remove him from his post after expressing a biblical view of the family.

Richard Page